Baby Blocks

My new project for the baby shower decorations is Baby Blocks.  DH cut blocks for me after which I spray painted them a pretty soft green….. you know…. the colors of the baby’s room… UMMMM HUMMMM Until the colors were changed last week to Brown and Pink. I’m thinking I will lightly stain the corners of the blocks in pinks and browns (we’ll see what kind of a mess I can make with those!!) So these aren’t done…. just in progress.
I saw the cutest idea with paper dolls and blocks so the blocks have letters, dogs, paw prints, hearts and paperdolls! So here is what I have finished so far.  (some of the blocks are still wet from the decoupage so the block colors look a little dull right now.) Now trying to decide what I want to write with the blocks (These are table decoration for the baby shower) Now my 3 beautiful children will be here together for the shower…. when they are together I KNOW already with no uncertain terms the blocks will not spell out what I have them spell ….. but for the first few minutes this will be a cute decorations.  Hummmmmm note to self hide the u and f blocks.  BTW anyone have 50 empty babyfood jars I can have for the shower??  I’ll come get ’em!
One last BTW… please notice my poinsettias are still alive!! It’s March 24! How impressed are you!?  Cause I’m in shock!!

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