Baby Gifts!! Great Christmas Gifts!!

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Babies. I love babies. The NaNa in me wants to go cuddle all babies. Strangers or not! Of course that is rather frowned upon by the babies parents! So I pressure politely request from my own kids more babies!! Yes, I do use my best whiney voice. I’ve even tried the MOM voice. It doesn’t work. I should say it hasn’t worked YET!

Sandys GiftsNow if you are lucky enough to be shopping for baby gifts at your house wait until I show you what I found!! Sandy’s Gifts has such cute items!! These are my top tips and hints for the perfect Baby Shower gifts.

Starting with a diaper cake. I think they are one of the best gifts out there. Each piece is something that can and will be used by the new baby. How cute is this nappy cake? How cute is that name?! Madeline! I love that the old fashion names aSandys Giftsre coming back. All three of my Grandbabies have old fashion names. Emma, Eli and Alice. Who knows maybe I can convince one of my own kids that Madeline is a great name to add to the family tree?

What I truly appreciate about Sandy’s Gifts is how well the page is organized. I can easily browse the areas that I want. Whether it’s gift sets or baskets! It’s easy to navigate to that particular page.


I am loving this bath time basket for newborns. So absolutely adorable.

Personally, I love giving stuffed animals as gifts. Not to mention super soft blankets. My number one tip for giving a great blanket gift is buy 2. IF this blanket gift ends out to be THE blanket; you know which one? The one that can never ever be out of eyesight. The one you never ever leave home without. THAT blanket. Mom will absolutely adore you for being able to wash one and have the other one available. No washer dryer wait time! Or having a truly dirty, smelly blanket! I love when the two favorites combine into one! Check out this adorable blanket pals! When you wrap up the double gift be sure to include a note “Onbaby6e for NOW, One for the WASH” other wise you get the look that says “I’m not having twins” or “Ummmm there are two here?”

Remember when you are buying that perfect baby shower or baby gift don’t forget to add a little something for the MaMa. She worked hard to bring that little bundle of joy into your lives. Sandy’s gifts have you covered there too! From chocolates to wine! Bath-bombs to candles. There are even gifts for the new Daddy, which I guess if he is willing to change dirty diapers he should be included.

Sandys Gifts is a one stop shop for baby gifts all the way to adults.


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