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Like everything else in my life my keyring is ridiculously full, so full I can’t stuff this jangled mess of keys into my pocket. That may not seem like a big deal but 4-year-old Alice has learned to lock to door while the NaNa takes the dog out for a potty break.  Oh yeah, that sweet little face will just smile and wave at me from the other side of the glass. I promise it takes all the patience, smiles and soft pretty words I have to get that kid to open the door when she knows she’s in trouble. Having my keys in my pocket all the time is very important!

Check out my new compact solution!! This is the KeySmart a swiss army knife style key holder. This is a sleek, neat way to carry all of my keys. Keys in my pocket with no poking or jabbing my leg!

With the KeySmart my keys are contained neatly between two plates. This Swiss Army style key holder will create a perfect minimalist keyring.  A keyring that will hold 100 keys! ONE hundred? Yes, you can attach your bulkier car key as well with the use of a loop piece that KeySmart includes in your package.

There are 3 different KeySmart models available. The Original to the Extended Version and even the titanium 2.o edition. The original is perfect for my needs it’s about the size of a pack of gum. The Extended frame is longer and it’s a great size for foreign keys.

Putting the KeySmart together is easy and using it is even easier. Flip out the key that you need, open your lock. Done!

Each one is made from Aircraft Aluminum, Stainless Steel hardware, and Laser Engraved logo, KeySmart beautifully combines style and function.

Be sure to check out their website where you can buy other additional accessories like a small USB stick that fits inside the KeySmart! Grab a bottle opener, quick release lanyard and more.

KeySmart offers 15% off today with code NOBULK15


Pfffttt are you kidding? I can comfortably carry my keys in my pocket with the KeySmart. It’s a BRILLIANT design!! Stunning colors available. I MUST have the pink!!




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