BAVISION Wifi Wireless IP Security Camera With Night Vision

This is the BAVISION M1 Wireless IP Camera an absolute wonderful Security Camera.  I know you hear me complain all the time about how much our neighborhood has changed in the last 30 years. We have an alarm system for inside. A wonderful camera for outside. We now have an additional Surveillance Camera inside the house.  This camera helps me monitor the front door and the main living area. I especially love the fact that I can check on The Husband during the day!! I laughingly say it’s so that he doesn’t have wild parties, but the truth is he has Multiple Sclerosis and falling is a part of his life. Now I can high-tail it home or call 911 if I have too.  

This camera has the ability to pan, tilt, zoom in!! I can take pictures and I can add video. The camera also has night vision!! There is even a built in microphone!! I can even set this to pick up motion and email me the photograph! How COOL is THAT?!?!

I have to admit this was not the easiest camera for ME to set up. Once I actually did get the feed to show up on my iPad the directions seemed so easy that I did a whole ‘well, that was easy’ slap on the forehead! I was trying to change screens much faster than I should have. I promise following this video will make ALL OF THE DIFFERENCE!! Watch the video and go step by step. Once I got that through my thick head the camera works like a charm.

When you plug the camera into a power outlet the camera starts scanning in all directions. Add the app to your iPad, iPhone or Android phone. Setup on the app was easy, be prepared to add your WiFi ID and password.

The BAVISION camera has excellent picture quality. The pictures and videos are very clear!! I am thoroughly impressed. I am also impressed with the range of this camera; full tilt and panning capabilities a full 360º . I love that I can set the camera to constantly pan around the room or area that I amFullSizeRender (3) securing. OR I can have it set to look at one thing and I can move the camera by using the app and dragging my finger on the screen in the direction I want to see.  Then using the camera icon in the bottom right I can even snap pictures!

The picture on the right was taken late at night, in very, VERY soft light!! Still a great picture!!

The picture here on the left with the night vision.



Not a single one!! This is a great camera! Excellent picture quality and great features with this Surveillance Camera!! I am thrilled!



  • MichelleS

    Super great thing to have, esp if you go away. I love being able to be connected while away and there are models for every price level.

  • Shannon

    This sounds great. We had someone that was stealing packages before I stopped entering contests last and I would have like this then.

  • Kelly O

    This is awesome. I have mobility issues and it can be hard for me to move around to check on things. I would love this so I could set in rooms that I need to look at. Like the kitchen, or by the front door. It would be so nice to see if someone was at the door, and who it was prior to having to get up to get the door.

  • Rosie

    This sounds like a great surveillance camera to have. I’ve been thinking of moving and have been making calls about security systems – so complicated and expensive, you have to really know what to ask, too.

  • Tamra Phelps

    I agree with Kate! that is a really clear picture! All of those pictures you see on the news from some business’ security camera, where you can barely tell the suspect is human, let alone see features, —well, they need this!


    I can’t get over how clear the picture is – crystal! None of that fuzzy grey that I’d associate with most security cameras.

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