Pack Your Bags Let’s GO!! The Caribbean!

I really should just dedicate a monthly post to travel. Not that I’m some big world traveler but I do believe in the power of positive thinking! I WILL go to the Caribbean in my lifetime. Why the Caribbean? First and foremost the water. HELLO! Have you seen the water!??!
All right, if the water alone doesn’t convince you, the idea of feet in the sand and warm sun on your face has to do something right? To me the absolute ultimate vacation would be this 35 day cruise. Yup, you read that correctly THIRTY FIVE days!! Oh mama pass me the sunscreen I’ve got my passport ready. The particular cruise I’m dreaming of is a Christmas Cruise. A serious Christmas I would never forget!

So where is my dream Christmas Cruise taking me? I’ll be leaving from Southampton, England. SWEET!!

This voyage to the Caribbean has sun-drenched beaches and rich island culture in abundance. Spend a memorable Christmas at sea as Saga Sapphire makes her way from pretty Tortola to the tropical Turks and Caicos Islands, and begin 2016 in style after spending time in beautiful Bermuda.

First stop; will be Funchal Madeira; about 500 miles due west of Casablanca. From picturesque villages and wild flowers to die for! This Floating Garden of the Atlantic I’ve already ear marked my excursions. Can you imagine the photographs I can bring back??

Second stop; The capital of Barbados, Bridgetown. This one is located beside the island’s only natural harbour. This is the port I would be the most excited about!! Combining modern and colonial architecture sprinkled with glorious palm tree-lined beaches!!

Third stop; Port of Spain Trinidad. I changed my mind; THIS is the one I would be most excited about. From Hindu temples to gingerbread Rococo. More interesting South American flora, as well as more than 400 species of birds!! My shutter finger is getting twitchy thinking of the photographs!

Kingstown, Castries, Pointe-a-Pitre, St John’s, Road Town, Turks & Caicos (Hey! Gene Simmons goes there! I have to remember to pack my long lens!) Nassau, Hamilton Bermuda (Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones call this paradise home). Ponta Delgada and then back to Southampton England.

Tons of days at sea to enjoy quiet time in your cabin or up on deck. Cruises are famous for the quality entertainment, exciting activities on board or on land. You can be as busy or as lazy as you want. Cruising is the absolutely perfect way to vacation.


Of course I want to remind you pack a good sunscreen! Next don’t forget a powerstrip. If you travel like we do with a lot of electronics; iPad, iPod, Game-boy, Phone (which is out of service the entire time at sea), curling iron and so on; there are usually only 2 electrical outlets in the cabin. The powerstrip is a lifesaver!! Next up is metal binder clips. The big ones, I keep about 6 in my suitcase all the time. I use them to close the curtains tight. I’m on vacation. I am sleeping in!! The clips insure a dark room. Aren’t I so smart?? I think sunscreen should be mentioned twice; you are on the water you will burn without it. Another hint from me (yes, from experience!) a string or glasses strap. Yup, lean over the rail to look at the dolphin alongside the ship and bam….. off to the ship gift shop you go for new shades! My last bit of cruising wisdom is pack your swim suits in your carry-on luggage so you can go enjoy the pool right away!!

I am so ready to sail into the Caribbean for one amazing cruising vacation!! Want to meet me on board??


  • Jesselyn A/Jesstinger

    Oh Connie, you are going to so so so love it! Back in a previous life when I was a travel agent (in the good old days) I use to take Caribbean cruises 4-5 times a year! I was great ~ I’d fly down to San Juan (PR) and take a seven day cruise hitting 5-6 ports (because you are already in the Caribbean, so unlike cruises out of Miami, you’re already THERE!)

    After I got married ~ I had to cut way back on the travel ~ but for the first five years we managed to get amazing deals on trips to the Caribbean and staying at all-inclusive Sandals resorts (we did Jamaica and Antigua twice each and St. Lucia once and one trip to Mexico. Now it’s been quite a few years since we’ve been able to enjoy such luxuries.

    But there’s really nothing like a Caribbean cruise ~ especially if you love being on the water, eating a lot of usually pretty good food and enjoying/ exploring a different port almost everyday ~~ it’s such a glorious adventure and I soooo envy the wonderful time you are going to have!

  • Pamela Gurganus

    The Caribbean is so on my bucket list! I really do hope to make a trip there and the sooner the better! Thank you for sharing!

  • Marnie G (Derrick Todd)

    I really enjoy travel posts. I can sit and read and daydream all day long. My most exotic venture (so far) has been to Phuket Island, Thialand.

  • Kelly O

    My first stop would be snorkeling. I just love to be under water and looking at all the amazing sea creatures. I lived in Hawaii for a while and a full day and I went nearly every day. Just loved it.

  • Krystal Waters

    Oh it looks so beautiful, I’m ready to go but I will not want to come back especially with Winter coming. I’ve been on a cruise to Cozumel and loved it.

  • Tamra Phelps

    I like the tip about a strap to keep your glasses from falling! I’ve never been on a cruise, but I’ve lost glasses in lakes like that!

  • Rosie

    oh boy is there room for one more?!!!! I rarely say wow about a cruise, but I could not help but say wow so many times out loud reading this post, sigh, one of these days!!! I want to go!!!


    Clear blue water, white sand, palm trees, gorgeous young men to wait on me hand & foot? I’ll meet you there!!! I’ll be the one with my tongue hanging out, drooling!!!!

  • Kelly O

    I am with you! A month travel would be perfect. I have not been to the Caribbean but went to Jamacia years ago, and it was Amazing!! I would love to go to teh Caribbean and swim in those gorgeous waters. Such a pretty region.

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