Back To School Shopping FOR US!!

Oh my gosh, the end of September has really creeped (spell check doesn’t like how I spelled creeped but Alexa says it’s right so HA!)on me.

All the kids are finally back to school. Alice is loving the 3rd grade! She says this is her favorite teacher EVER!! (I mean hello, she’s an expert; she’s had 4!) BTW how cute did her back-to-school sign turn out? I do LOVE my Cricut machine!!

(HA! You thought I would go the entire month of September without an updated picture of Alice?! Have we met?!)
So, with the kids going back to school I thought I would tell you another embarrassing story about me this one centers around back-to-school shopping. My son graduated high school in 1998, soooooo a long time ago!

It’s 1999, kids have moved out. It’s just The Husband and I at home. It’s August or September I went to do my normal shopping trip. Walked into Walmart saw all the back-to-school items and the empty nest thing hit me super hard!!!  We are talking doing the ugly cry IN THE MIDDLE OF WALMART people!! I mean we are talking the hick-up sobbing thing. It was not pretty. There was mascara down the cheeks, there was a runny nose. It was embarrassing! I couldn’t stop. I just sobbed. It was so bad I had to leave my basket and go sit in the car. I can’t even imagine what people were thinking! Now it makes me laugh, WHO knew school supplies would be my trigger point for the ugly cry!?!

I still get a little ping of sadness when I see all the supplies out. Now that I live so far away from Alice I don’t even get to have that experience with her!! New binders, backpacks, paper and pens. New clothes, new school shoes. New under garments for me too! (Yes, I am THAT mom! I would always add for me too! Usually in the form of a dress!)

However, now I am so bad about buying new under garments for myself. I will easily buy a new dress. Under garments? Naaaa not so much. I HATE bra shopping. I never seem to find that perfectly comfortable bra. My underwear…… well, it has to be full of holes or no more elastic band to get replaced. (I know, tooo much information Connie!!)

I am heading to a point. Honest… or sort of anyway.

I wear a LOT of dresses. Dresses are my favorite thing to wear and it doesn’t matter to me what season it is. Winter? No problem. Summer! YES please. Spring? Cute flowers! I’m in! Fall? I’ll just add tights.

HOWEVER! I am on the chunky side (like really far over on the chunky side) and I can not handle it when my thighs rub together. Which unless I’m willing to sit at my desk or on the couch all day the cub rub’s gonna happen!! It’s a great reason not to wear corduroy I’m afraid I’ll start a fire! It’s time to consider Knix’s thigh chafing shorts I gotta say, they look so comfy not like our grandma’s girdles! THANK HEAVENS!! Or even a corset (yes, I get distracted easily. My brain is going look shiny!! Can you imagine when I’m 90 how bad my distracted brain will be??)

What about you? Dresses? All year? Corduroy? Corset? Oh please tell me you aren’t wearing a girdle because that is just wrong. Like really wrong.


  • Diane Brimmer

    I too have cried and cried when the kids weren’t attending school anymore. I have to admit that when my son was still in school, (senior year) my oldest was going back to College and had our first granddaughter. I got to watch her and then two years later came another girl and then another. Lol Five all within two years of each other. I had them everyday while she went to college and work. It was great! Then my dad moved in for 4 years. We lost our bees, 630 hives, my father passed away and my daughter and her husband and the 5 girls moved 75 miles away. Then the empty nest really hit me hard.

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