Back To School!! The First Grade Fashionesta!! #ClassicLeather #thisISclassic


Do you hear that?  That is the sound of quiet!! The sound of SCHOOLs IN!! No more “I’m bored”. No more “I’m hungry” every 32.3 seconds. Just quiet. No more little Reebok covered feet running from this corner to that corner.  It’s so nice!!  It’s so quiet I would really like to go take a nap!

I have to admit, seeing the Kindergarten parents and Grandparents that I hung out with last year it felt like I was just there! In that moment it felt like summer was over too fast!  (I swear someone hit the switch and put my life on fast forward!)

How We Are Making 1st Grade Better Than Kindergarten

Alice was thrilled to have many of her old classmates with her which helped the transition. With the exception of one tiny melt down (more like a forced tear) all went well.  No gut wrenching sobbing when I walked out the door, so without a doubt so far First Grade ROCKS!!! (no matter what this face conveys!)
Back To school #ClassicLeather #thisISclassic #Reebok
We officially have a routine that helps.

We pack a weeks worth of lunches on Sunday night into our little Bento boxes. (A truly great invention!)

What to wear. Each night before bed Alice sets out her outfit for the day.  We tried to set aside a weeks worth but I was told “Non, I won’t know how I feel before that” Where last year was a constant fight of what to wear, you can’t wear that, those colors don’t go, that’s a dress it doesn’t need jeans. This year it’s all different. I’m different. She is growing up and all summer long I let her express her fashionista side and then it hit me, why was I trying to squelch that? Alice is unique. She knows what she likes!! And truly, who am I to say that plaid, stripes and polka dots don’t all go together!?!

While I may cringe when she walks out of the room in a fluorescent green cardigan, red pants along with an enormous blue bow in her hair she feels great about herself. She likes the look and feels 100% comfortable in her own skin. Now at 59 I sure wish I had the confidence that Alice does!!

Shoes. All summer long it was flip-flops, cowboy boots or bare-feet. However, you can’t wear flip-flops to school. And cowboy boots don’t let you run at recess. (DUH NaNa!) What does make her run fast at recess? Jump higher? AND big drum roll here…… forget she has them ON?!  Reebok shoes!! This kid takes off her shoes the second we get in the car. Normally before I even have my seat belt on! Not only does she keep the shoes on, but when we get home and start playing Barbie’s. Now THAT is a comfy shoe! I swear to you, this NEVER happens!! Back To school #ClassicLeather #thisISclassic #Reebok

Day after day she forgets she has these shoes on!!

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Classic Leather Reebok shoes

Reebok is a company built on a strong heritage and authenticity in sports, fitness and women’s categories

Added bonus?! Reebok Classic Leather shoes make you stronger that is a direct quote from 6-year-old Alice! She is a shoe expert ya know!
Classic Leather Reebok shoes.

Classic Leather

Back To school #ClassicLeather #thisISclassic #Reebok


Created in 1983 as the first ever running shoe made with premium leather, the Classic Leather has been breaking boundaries for years. Today, it’s an iconic shoe that exudes a casual, athleisure street style.

Back To school #ClassicLeather #thisISclassic #Reebok

Added bonus; Alice’s new shoes match The NaNa’s new shoes! I agree 100% these are comfortable shoes! Wear ALL DAY long in comfort!!

Once a running shoe. Now a classic.

Turning heads since ’83, the Classic Leather stays true to its roots. Known as “The Classic”, it broke free from the pack by becoming the first running shoe to be made of leather. Today, its heritage and timeless design still ring true as it delivers a casual, classic style that’s perfect for everyday wear.

Back To school #ClassicLeather #thisISclassic #Reebok


Nope. Not a single one. First and foremost is the comfort. When this kid forgets to take her shoes off you KNOW they are comfortable. Added bonus for me is that no matter how many colors Alice wears in her hair in her outfit I am 100% certain her shoes look GREAT!!

From dresses, jeans, leggings or shorts our shoes tie the outfit together!! Classic Leather shoes!! Will never ever go out of style.

Another bonus; actually a pretty important one is the fact that these clean so easily!! A little leather cleaner or even a damp rag works great! Because yes, even fashionista girls get scuffs.

I was instructed by Alice to let y’all know that the shoes are good grippy shoes.  She doesn’t slip when she is climbing the area she is supposed to climb (But, NaNa I have to for the REVIEW!!!) Ummm humm… she’ll be a good lawyer someday!

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Classic Leather Reebok shoes


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