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bacon jam

Yup, you heard me right…….. Jam made of BACON!!  Bacon JAM!!! 
Okay, seriously, when I heard Bacon Jam I did a double take…… what does that mean?  Bacon jam?? Like Peanut Butter and Bacon JAM? JAM??  Really??  
Well, Yes and No…. first, I’m not putting this on my peanut butter.. but I will put it in a sandwich! (I’m sure there is someone out there that does like a peanut butter and bacon sandwich……. I’ll need YOU to leave me a note with WHY?!?!  Why you would do that!!) 

Back to Bacon Jam……..First it’s bacon!!  Bacon GOOD!!  Bacon Jam is a spread like jam!  I had to copy and past from Skillet Street Food to explain how it’s made:  What is bacon jam? Well, we take a big bunch of really, really good bacon and render it down…add a bunch of spices, onions, etc. and let it simmer for about 6 hours, give it a quick puree, blast chill it…take a left turn, and end up in pure bacon heaven. Our Skillet bacon spreads and pumpkin sauces do not require any refrigeration until they are opened. They are all shelf stable and each have a freshness date on the label that we recommend you use or freeze by. 

Again BACON gooooood!  DH and I received Fennel and Black Pepper Skillet Bacon to try out and YUM!! We decided to make hamburgers with the recipe from Skillet Street Food  (after you read this recipe you’ll want some too!! So be sure and check it out at the bottom of this post!)

OH MY GOOOOOODNESS GOOD!!!  We’ve used Bacon Jam Fennel and Black Pepper on chicken and on the Burger recipe below. SO GOOD!!!  It tastes like bacon!!  But BETTER!!  AND no grease splatter either!!  Now that we’ve used the entire jar I’m sorry I didn’t make myself a fried egg breakfast sandwich with Bacon Jam!!   (I love saying that! Bacon JAM!! Bacon JAM, Bacon Jam!!)

I found Bacon Jam near me at Whole Foods.  Check there site for stores near you.  If you are lucky enough to live in Washington PLEASE go to their diner at 1400 E Union near Capitol Hill.  I’ll need pictures and a full report when you get back please!

So… DH and I give Bacon Jam 4 Yummy Thumbs UP!!!

Check out their website or shoot ’em an email at [email protected]

The Burger with Skillet Bacon Jam

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Submitted by Josh Henderson
Posted 09/16/2011
Category: Burger/Grill
Type: Bacon Jam
Serves: 4
This is where it all began — the classic use of bacon jam. This is how we make The Burger on our Airstream trailer and at the Skillet Diner. Enjoy!


24 (.56 kilo) oz. ground beef, grass fed
8 oz. (226 g) oz Skillet Bacon Jam
4 (113 g) oz cambozola, sliced
2 (.5 liter) cups arugula, loosely packed
4 brioche buns
Kosher salt and black pepper to taste
2 (.30 ml) Tbsp olive oil


First, form the burger into 6 oz patties.

Then, set your pan on medium high heat and put the olive oil in the pan until it is hot.

Put the patties in the pan and cook to medium, approx 5 minutes each side. Make sure to season with salt and pepper.

After flipping the first time, place the cambozola on the burger and let it melt slightly.

Toast the brioche bun in the same pan.

To assemble, place bacon jam on each bun. Put arugula on the bottom bun. Place the burger on the arugula and put the top bun on top. Enjoy!

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  • Diane K.Brimmer

    It sounds really good after reading your review. I will have to try it out for myself. thanks for sharing. =)

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