The Chili Lab. Delicious!!

This business appears to have closed. BUMMER!

However, I have found that CattleBoyZ is a wonderful replacement. Check them out here.

I hope you aren’t hungry right now. Because you will be after this!!

Oh my goodness, do I have a tasty product to share with you today!! The Chili Lab has an array of chili salts. Delicious Chili Salts!! First, we made a skinless, fried chicken using Red Berry Smoke Chili Salt. Oh my goodness!! So GOOD!! Just open the bottle and you can smell the ‘smoke’ flavor. The taste is delicious too! The Red Berry and Smoke blend for a rich and full taste. I am a major salt lover. I swear I could just lick this salt. No need to worry, I don’t……… but I sure do want too!!

This is not a spicy salt, just flavorful.

The next Chili Lab salt we reviewed is Herb & Citrus. This one is my favorite!! We grilled chicken using only the Herb & Citrus salt and I have to say, this is the BEST grilled chicken I’ve had!! This salt makes the best Lemon Chicken E-V-E-R!!!

Added to eggs, DELICIOUS!! On veggies! YUMM!! On a grilled steak?!! HEAVENLY!!

The Chili Lab chili salts are SO GOOD!!!!! I don’t want to forget to mention, cute, CUTE packaging!! LOVE the little bottles with the little cork stoppers. Cute!!


Made with Sea Salt and infused with so many flavors!! You can SEE the extra spices in the The Chili Lab salts. The folks at Chili Lab uses chili’s from around the world. For instance, piri piri chili’s that are from Africa, which is more herbal and marked with citrus.

If you want to try some really exciting meals, check out Field Notes. There are recipes and new products to explore.
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Disclosure: I have received complimentary/free products for the purpose of this review. The opinions are 100% mine. I have not been influenced in any way. I am disclosing this in accordance with Federal Trade Commissions 16CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the use of Endorsements and Testimonials In Advertising. Peanut Butter And Whine.


  • Diane K. Brimmer

    Oh the endless possibilities here. Your chicken salad looks so wonderful.I will just bet it went well with the avocados. With getting 53 eggs a day around here, I too could use some different flavors to the eggs.

    • Connie Gruning

      Ohhhh on Avocado! That would be SO GOOD!! I’m gonna try that! I can’t want, DH bought me my own Avocado tree!! I won’t have fruit for a couple of years but, I can’t WAIT!!

  • nancyfancypink

    This sounds really good! Especially adding some different flavors to eggs. I have been looking for a way to spruce up our morning scrambled eggs and this might just be it!

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