Trading Phrases Adhesive Canvas!!

Don’t forget about this AWESOME giveaway for a Trading Phrases Adhesive Canvas!! I moved it again today. I LOVE it EVEN more!!!!!!!!!  I moved it ALONE and in under five minutes!!  I’ve tried to move it to get a full wall shot, but my rooms are so small I can’t do it!!  I’ve already moved my canvas about 20 times and it’s PERFECT!! It sticks to the wall totally and completely, it leave nothing, absolutely NOTHING behind.  Sticks as perfectly as the first time!!

GO ENTER!!! The giveaway ends on May 21st, 2014.  Winner creates their own 5′ (that’s FIVE FOOT) and under adhesive canvas!!  I LOVE MINE!!!  I want more!!! I know….. greedy girl…. want, want…. want!!

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