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Bathroom Design Ideas You Should Try


Designing your bathroom can be a challenge for some, especially those who don’t want to spend more than necessary. However, a bathroom can easily cut costs as long as we stay practical and creative. You don’t need to break your bank to make your bathroom look pleasing and cozy.

Here are some outstanding yet simple ideas for your design project or renovation. Feel free to use them as inspiration in decorating your new space.

Open-space bathroom

The open bathroom concept is becoming more and more popular these days. It offers various benefits, such as the ability to create a luxury space with big walk in baths for relaxing moments without sacrificing too much floor space. This brilliant idea also benefits saving water by accommodating a large shower room while minimizing the length of each showering time due to its open layout.

Minimalist bathroom

While the open-space bathroom is a brilliant idea, it seems that it takes away from the luxury of having a spacious showering area. This creates a potential problem for those who intend to have their bathroom as a luxurious space. One will still need extra room to move around and not feel too squeezed in or awkward as they shower. A great way to solve this problem would be by embracing the minimalist design. In this case, you should avoid over-floor decorations and keep your bathing tools stored out of sight as much as possible.

Oversized bathtub and bathroom furniture

If the only thing preventing you from having an open-space bathroom is the lack of a spacious bathtub, then there’s good news for you. Nowadays, you can easily pick a bathtub that’s big enough without compromising your space or style. Oversized bathroom furniture is another one of the most popular trends in bathrooms today. This includes large mirrors, sofas, and even freestanding chairs.

Glass showers

Glass showers are becoming more and more common in today’s modern home designs. And for a good reason, too — glass is versatile, sleek, and can last a lifetime when taken care of properly. Furthermore, it allows light into the room without compromising privacy. It creates a luxurious atmosphere for guests at the same time. If you’re using glass shower doors to achieve this effect, consider installing frosted glass instead, as they aren’t transparent from the outside

White modern bathroom

White, modern bathrooms are becoming more popular in today’s bathroom designs. This is because white grout adds a touch of class to the space giving it an expensive feel without requiring additional materials or labor costs. Furthermore, these bathrooms can be designed to look clean and spacious, even if the room itself may be small. Finally, by making sure your flooring is tiled with modern tiles, you’ll create a unified theme between both your walls and floors.

These are just some of the bathroom design ideas you can consider. Keep in mind that space and design can go together as long as you plan the output thoroughly.



  • Michael Coovert

    I just had a pipe bust in my bathroom, so it has been torn apart. A redesign will have to be done. This gives me some ideas.

  • Tamra Phelps

    I don’t think I would go for the open bathroom concept. I do miss being able to bath instead of shower, but arthritis and leg issues mean I just can’t do the old fashioned relax in a tub thing–but I miss having a big tub.

  • heather

    We so need to remodel our bathroom and these are some great ideas that I will consider. I like the all white tip with color accents.

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