INLIFE K9 Automatic Food Saver Review

Last year we finally bit the bullet and purchased a stand alone freezer. Now we can purchase our meats in bulk. However, ziplock bags don’t protect the meats as well I had hoped. I found the INLIFE K9 Automatic Food Saver and decided to try it out. So HAPPY!! Not only does the INLIFE have a great warranty but it’s also very affordable. I am so thrilled that I can make a Costco run just once a month instead of every two weeks.

Once we got the hang of the INLIFE sealing meal size servings for The Husband and myself the process was super quick and easy! (granted I was only holding the camera, still The Husband made quick work of sealing items)

One very nice feature of the INLIFE food saver is the bag well. There is no having to find a place to store the bags. I LOVE the bag well!!

Tucked in the lid is the bag cutter. The cutter is nice and sharp and makes quick work of getting the bags cut to the perfect size. We still need more practice getting the bag size right. But, super easy!! After you cut the bag The sealer sucks out all of the air of the bags.

Once you cut the bag to the size you need, close the top by simply pushing in the center.
There are buttons on each side of the INLIFE push in unison and the lid opens. Remove the cardboard piece that protects the vacuum seal area,  line up your bag to the front of the small spikes and press MAN SEAL. (See???  MAN seal! That means this is The Husbands job!) the light will turn off after the bag is sealed.

Be sure to save the paper cut out so you can replace it when you are finished using the machine.

Once you’ve placed your food inside the bag you are ready to vacuum out the air and seal the bag. Position the edge of the bag in front of the two pins that stick up. Close the lid with a click. And press VAC SEAL, the air will be pulled out and then the machine automatically seals the end. Done. Ready to toss the items in the freezer. Seriously, QUICK and EASY to do!!
Here is a quick video to show you how easy this is to use. Yes, I know you would THINK I would clean the kitchen before I shot a video to post…. but you would be wrong.

Fruit, veggies, meat, tea; the food saver will preserve your food with an airtight seal!!!

  • Fresh Preservation: Keeps dry and moist foods fresh, prevents freezer burns on frozen fruits and vegetables, keeps ingredients entirely free from nasty bugs and bacteria and locks nutrients in food to give your families a healthy and nutritious life.
  • Multifunctional Sealing Modes: Auto full vacuum seal (8-18s), half vacuum seal (the vacuum level is up to you), seal only (6-8s), and air suction. Choose mode depends on your need.


Not a single one!! The machine itself is compact enough that it fits in the cupboard easily. The machine is easy to use. Super fast AND with an airtight seal everything stays fresher longer!! No freezer burns in the freezer!! Best of all I only have to go to Costco ONCE a month now!! SWEEEEET!!!



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