Vive Health Extra Long Shoe Horn Review

Have you ever had the heal grip of your boots, running shoes or dress shoes wear down past the cloth to expose the hard plastic material that maintains the shape? Most likely resulting from jamming your foot in and slipping it out without unlacing the shoe enough, or maybe just part of the normal wear and tear of a shoe? If you have experienced this you know how painful it can become, how uncomfortable and how disappointing it can be to have to throw away an otherwise good pair of shoes, if you haven’t experienced this congratulations for taking better care of your shoes than the rest of us.
Recently it occurred to me as I was jamming a pair of cowboy boots on my feet that a shoe horn may be a worthy investment. I had never used one but recalled my great grandma having one that she used to slide on some of her hideous shoes. I don’t understand shoe horns, don’t know how to use them and didn’t think they were for a crowd unqualified for an AARP discount but that day I found myself thinking there has to be a better way. I want a better way to get my work boots, dressy boots and expensive running shoes on without destroying the heal cup. Just thinking about a shoe horn must have sent up the shoe horn bat signal because guess what mysteriously arrived? The Vive Health Extra Long Shoe Horn it looks like cold metal but is actually a smooth and sturdy plastic. Upon first inspection I like the length of the shoe horn, the one my Nana had was small and fit in her hand quietly compactly but meant that even into her 80’s she had to hunch over to use it.  That’s great if you’re wearing heals but if you are wearing knee high boots you’re gonna lose a finger digging a shoe horn out.


Trying it out – I decided to try the shoe horn out on my work boots. Shoe horns don’t exactly come with directions but it’s pretty straightforward.  Insert the shoe horn into the heel cup area and slide your foot along it like a guide for a comfortable, perfect fit. I think I actually heard angels singing, might have been the Today show in the background though. I tend to exaggerate.

The Vive Extra Long Shoe Horn is amazing. I have since tried it on all of my shoes and I love it. My 5 year old thinks it makes a great scoop for toys and microphone so I’m gonna count this as a win.

This is definitely worth your money!



  • Kate Sarsfield

    Dad used a long one for years as he couldn’t bend down very well. It has a back scratcher at the other end which is really useful!

  • Margot C

    I need a shoe horn also because on one side I can not bend that far, it helps I’m telling ya’ (putting on the shoe I mean)

  • Tamra Phelps

    I remember when everyone had a shoehorn. They definitely come in handy. This one looks like a long one, which I always liked better.

  • clojo9372

    My grandparents swore by shoe horns. I usually just jam things on my feet, but then again I go through shoes a lot. This is probably worth investing in…

  • michele

    Oh my I see my childhood before me.. my dad could not get thru a day w/o using his shoe horn.. I still have his all these years later… a longer one is not needed if you have.. like us.. small feet but that would be a great feature

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