Beautiful LED Mood Light Ball From LOFTEK!

I am giddy over today’s find. LOFTEK’s LED Mood Light Series. This particular light is 16″ and has the capabilities of 16 different lights.

Not just 16 different colors but strobe effect. Not to mention each of the colors can be turned up bright or dimmed to set your mood!

We are having so much fun with this light!! I wanted it for outside on the patio but to do the review I set it in the family room and well….. the warm soft glow is so relaxing and so pretty I will move it outside when we need too. It’s staying inside the rest of the time.
LED 16" Round light

The LOFTEK LED Ball arrives with a remote (battery included! Sweet!!). The remote allows you to change the colors, change the brightness, change the mode from steady on to strobe or even color changing. You can set the light to continually change through all 16 colors. The small, slender remote works great each and every single time. Truly no instructions needed with the remote. On, off, color pick, mode. Easy peasy!!
LED Remote 16" Round Ball LightThe LED Ball operates in two ways, by being plugged in with the cord OR charged and able run wirelessly. Charging takes about 4 to 5 hours. Once the ball is fully charged it will stay lit for 6 almost 7 hours.

The Husband and I like the light on just one color and steady on which seems to make the charge last longer.

The effect is so soft and so pretty!!

In my video pay attention to the wall behind the ball for more of what the color looks like. I just couldn’t get good shots of the ball itself in the different colors.

This ball is perfect for a quiet night, night light, pool side light, mediation light. How amazing would this light be in a Yoga Studio? So many great uses.

I am thoroughly and totally in love with light!! The soft peach color is my absolute favorite it makes the family room look amazing at night!!  Having this light on is relaxing, calming and romantic.


NONE!!! How can I whine about a light that can one minute be soft and romantic! The next moment it can be fun, bright and fast! So unique!!



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