Beauty Box 5 April 2017!

There is not a lot that could get me excited this month! Seriously, this cold is NASTY!! So, there is not a whole heck of a lot that could get me excited! Mostly I want to sleep!! I am so tired. So sleepy. So lethargic! However, seeing my little turquoise box in the mailbox did make me smile!! Soooooo??? What’s in the box?  What’s in the box?!?!

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I still believe that BB5 has insider in my home! Because they really do know ME! One of my true weaknesses is blush. Oh the blushes that I have collected while on the hunt for the PERFECT color!! Guess what I have now? Yes, the perfect color!!

Check out April 2017’s Beauty Box 5’s Loot!!  This months theme is called “STAY GOLDEN”.  On one side of the postcard tells you the theme and the opposite side contains detailed descriptions of each product that’s included in the box.

BB5 April 2017

BE A BOMBSHELL ♥ Blush: WOWOWOW!! This color is intense! Highly pigmented color in a beautiful brownish, pink without glitter!! I love the color because it looks like I glow from the inside!! The color I received is called Cougar.  I love the name.  I adore the color!! #BEABOMBSHELL
BB5 April 2017

BB5 ♥ Highlight Fan Brush: So smart!! Blush AND the fan brush together! Sweet!! This brush gives you a beautiful dusting and diffused color to my cheeks, forehead and anywhere I want that beautiful color. #BB5 #BeautyBox5
BB5 April 2017

JEAN PIERRE ♥ Vitamin C Sheet Mask: A single sheet mask that is not just brightening but it’s hydrating as well. This one will help lighten darken spots! You know how much I hate these age spots! Smooth this mask on and chill out for 15 minutes. Remove the mask and gently massage the remaining product into your skin #JEANPIERRE

BB5 April 2017

SWEEPRose Gold Lash Curler: I’m 100% BB5 has seen my current lash curler. It’s in very sad shape!! Now I have a pretty one in Rose Gold! When you use an eyelash curler you will notice a huge difference in your lashes! They will POP!! #SWEEPBEAUTY
BB5 April 2017
DID HAIR ♥ Gold Bobby Pins: Seriously, who doesn’t need a Bobby Pin at one time or other?  These will come in really handy while I am chilling out with Vitamin C Sheet Mask!   #DIDHAIR

BB5 April 2017


No whines here; another great box of goodies! A great blush in a perfect color along with the brush to apply it! Added bonus! It was great to toss away my ugly eyelash curler. Two thumbs up! WAY UP for another great box!!

I honestly believe that BB5 is 100% a fabulous buy, starting at $12 a month if you buy monthly. Lower prices if you buy quarterly and even better savings for yearly boxes. I don’t think you would be disappointed! Get the Box!

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  • Tamra Phelps

    I need to try that Jean Pierre Vitamin C Sheet Mask. My face definitely needs some help these days.

  • Christy Peeples DuBois

    When I saw you had a post I thought great she’s feeling better, or so I was hoping. Glad for a great post though. I do love that blush. It is pretty and this does sound like a really good box.

  • Rosie

    I hope you feel better soon! This is a cute box, and it make me think how a box like this would be a nice little present to cheer someone up, never thought of it before!

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