LOLL Poncho Towel For Grown-Ups!!

Living in Southern California there is one constant thing and that is the beach and the pool!! We spend a LOT of time at both. As soon as I kick this cold we will be back to it!!  I can’t wait! First to be able to take a breath without coughing up a lung! Second to flaunt my new beach towel!!
The LOLL is so much more than a beach towel, the Australian brand called LOLL (Lots of Love Lara) designs, manufactures, and sells beach poncho style towels. This is one amazing towel!!

I am loving my Turkish Towel because first, its light weight. While the towel is light weight and thin it dries quickly. It’s comfortable to wear!! AND added bonus it packs up small which is great when you are packing the beach bag for the family. LOLL Turkish Towel ponchos are a one size towel. They easily fit women sizes from 10-18. Comfortably!! This towel poncho is perfect for beach, pool and even as a bath towel! All the while you’ll look stylish! The colors and designs are great from zig zag patterns to solid colors.

Each and every LOLL poncho is a limited edition. 

So, what else makes the LOLL better than any other beach towel I own?  This dries thoroughly and quickly.  This sides each have a zipper so you can comfortably take the towel on and off. The back is slightly longer than the front which is a feature that I love! First, I have a little more junk in my trunk so I like the additional cover. Second the backs of my legs are covered when I sit on a beach chair!   Each towel has an attached hood so my hair dries quickly as well. My favorite feature however are the inside pockets!! One that is splash proof so it’s a safe place to hide my phone! The other pocket is perfect for sunscreen and my car keys!

LOLL  This is a brilliant comfortable design!!

The website is super easy to navigate.  The prices are AWESOME!! Be sure to sign up for LOLL’s newsletter!!

LOLL Poncho Towel for Adults

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Not a single whine here!! This is officially my go-to towel!! I know it will be yours as well!!



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