Bedsure Solid Pattern Style Quilt Set Review

Summertime. That means The Husband and I take the down-quilt off the bed and just use our sheets as our makeshift bedspread. Not a pretty look, but it’s our room and really no one else see’s it except us so it was okay. Ugly, but okay. So of course I jumped at the chance to write a review for Bedsure Solid Pattern Quilt Set. I am so glad that I said yes! This quilt set changed the entire look of my room.

This Quilt set is a three-piece bedding set. The quilt itself and two pillow shams. The quilt is made of 100% microfiber polyester which is light enough for summertime. The quilt fits our queen size bed perfectly. Plenty of length all the way around. From enough quilt to tuck over your pillows and to be able to tuck in at the foot of the bed as well. The sides hang down to the end of our wood slats. It’s a perfect fit for our bed.

The Queen size quilt is 86″ by 96″ the 2 shams easily fit over our regular size pillows. 20″ by 26″ the pillow shams have a nice 2″ hem that allows the sham to fit the pillow and make the shams really stand out.

The color is not quite off white, it’s a slight beige with an almost pinkish under tone color.

The quilt is machine washable in cold water. Tumble dry on low heat. Don’t use bleach.
As soon as I put this on the bed the wrinkles from shipping almost immediately disappeared. We fold the quilt down to the end of the bed at night and when I make the bed in the morning NO wrinkles! I love that!!


Nope, no whines from me. I checked the entire quilt and there are no loose threads, no obvious defects anywhere. We are quite happy with our new bed quilt. Now I need a small pillow as an accent piece! Maybe in a bright green? What do you think??



  • Ann

    My actual first thoughts, upon seeing the title of this post as well as the photos: Oh no, quilts, no, heavy blankets, oh no, it’s summertime, I wish I had a ceiling fan in here, there is no breeze coming in through the window, ohhh nooooo….
    But I digress.
    This is SO pretty! I love the pattern– it’s unique, but not like “what in the world..??!” unique.
    I love that it’s machine washable. (But then again, my idea of “hand washing” an item is to place said item into the washing machine with my hands.)
    Now I’m no interior decorator by any stretch of the imagination, but might I suggest adding a couple of PawdPets for a pop of color and character? You know, like little throw pillows.
    …Love ya, Miss Connie. :p

  • Tamra Phelps

    I like that pattern & the white is great for Summer…it makes it look lighter, lol. I definitely would need any quilt to be machine washable, so that’s a bonus, too.


    It’s really pretty and the fact that it’s machine washable is a huge plus. Who wants dry cleaning bills on top of everything else?

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