ETTG Dash Cam Full HD 1080p!! Review

I drive in Southern California, okay technically I park a lot on Southern California freeways. The roads are packed and unfortunately not everyone drives as cautiously as I do. (It’s okay, go ahead laugh, I did!!) But, it’s true, so many distractions are in your car whether it’s the 5-year-old in the backseat or you heard something drop on the floor and try to locate the missing object all the way to the guy in front of you that stopped for absolutely no reason. Distractions are all around you. So I’ve used a dash-cam for the last couple of years. They are convenient and they don’t obstruct your view in any way. They do however give me piece of mind that I’ll be able to show my side of the story if I ever need too. Of course if it’s my fault delete, delete, delete!! NOoooo not really.

The instruction manual is typed in a very small font so get your glasses on! The manual is easy understand.

This is the ETTG DRVing Record Instrument. I.E Dashcam Full HD 1080p with 170 degree’s of vision. Also included is the Parking Monitor. Granted the parking monitor will really only help you if the damage is in the front of the car. So you have a 50/50 chance of catching the action on camera. Still a nice feature.

The ETTG has a 3″ LCD display. The camera is sleek looking with black and silver accents. I love that the camera is mostly black. My last Dash Cam was silver and really showed up in the windshield. This one is subtle and doesn’t scream ‘break-in get a free dash cam!!

Here is what my dash cam looks like inside the car on a sunny day.


This dash cam has other great perks like a very long cord so you could actually follow the windshield around to hide the cord, personally I wrapped it around the rear view mirror, you can’t even see all the cord hidden there. Second perk is that you could mount this on your dash-board. The cord then plugs into your cigarette lighter. If you notice the above picture you; you can’t see the cord.

The ETTG accepts a 32 GB SD card which is no included. The dash cam gives you great resolution, from recording 30 Frames Per Second at 1080 resolution or 60 FPS at 720. The night vision on this camera is pretty darn good too. The camera records in 10 minute movies and automatically starts the next 10 minute movie. When the card is full simply reformat your card. (yes, I did another video… forgive the stutter. I couldn’t remember the term TF Card!

Another feature that I very much like is the fact that this camera remembers all of my settings. Turn off the car, the dash cam continues to record for another few seconds before shutting off. Start the car and the dash cam starts right up.

DO NO FORGET TO REMOVE the protective piece from the lens!! Or your video quality will not be as clear and crisp. (Yes, I know this by experience)


Not a single whine from me! This dash cam from ETTG is extremely easy to set-up and even easier to use; mainly because there isn’t anything else you have to do!! Turn on the car, the camera starts. Nothing could be easier!!



  • Kate Sarsfield

    And here’s just an observation on modern society: Whenever I turn on the news & there are reports of an accident or shooting/tragedy, there are always bystanders recording events on their phones rather than helping out those injured. I can’t get my head around that sort of behaviour at all.

  • Tamra Phelps

    Lol, the village Kate mentioned reminds me of the rural area my Grandparents lived in when I was a kid, but now, even in the small town we live in, there seem to be cars everywhere. A dash cam might be nice to have!


    Well, all I can say is thank you to whatever forces out there allow me to live in the country away from built-up areas. A traffic jam in Monamolin consists of a tractor with perhaps two cars, a bicycle and the farmer’s dogs following behind it!

  • michele soyer

    This amazed me who would have thought that we as drivers would need something like this on our dashboard…Times have changed… not saying this is a bad device on the other hand it is a great device but what a shame that we need it….

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