Before You Pick Up Your Puppy, Do These 4 Clever Things

Being a puppy parent is not an easy job. Indeed, puppies need a great deal of care and attention when they are young. The good news is you can make things easier for yourself by following the advice below. Read on to find out more. 

Create an exercise schedule 

Before you do anything else it can be very helpful to create a puppy exercise plan. This should detail how many times you will take them out for a walk a day, as well as who has responsibility for this. Indeed, by making such a plan you can check that you have enough time to get a puppy, as not everyone does. 

Of course, it’s important to release that the amount of exercise and other types of attention your puppy will need will change as they grow. For example, at first, you may need to get up at night with them to toilet-train them. However, as they get older and learn this need should stop, but they will need longer walks and exercise sessions during the day. 

Carefully research your puppy’s breed 

Another thing that can be very helpful before you get a puppy is to do some thorough research on their breed. This is because the breed of a dog can provide vital clues about their personality, temperament, and the types of problems they may be vulnerable to. 

There has been a great deal written about how pedigree dogs are susceptible to particular ailments these days because of the breeding that has created them. With that in mind, if you are looking for a dog that is less likely to suffer from genetic health issues, a cross-breed might be the best option. 

Book them into puppy training 

Making sure your puppy is booked into puppy training is one of the most important things that you can do before you bring them home. This is because going to puppy training provides so many benefits for both you and your dog, including better discipline, and increased socialization with other dogs and people. The latter is vital if you want to be able to spend plenty of time with your dog in public. 

It’s also worth noting that you can save yourself a great deal of stress and heartache later on by making sure your puppy gets the right training in its early life. Then you can be much more sure they will follow your instructions and remain safe and healthy for longer. 

Puppy proof your home 

Finally, before bringing your little bundle of puppy joy home you need to make sure you have assessed your property and car for potential issues and have guarded against them. This is often known as puppy or pet-proofing and can include creating a puppy pad zone for toilet training, removing objects small enough to chew and swallow out of reach of your pup, and even installing a special seat in your car to make sure your interiors are not damaged when you bring your pup home for the first time. 


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