Preparing For a Puppy!

So, crazy person that I am I have started shopping for Bernie who will come home with us on September 30th! This is already one very spoiled puppy!!  Seriously, there are baby nurseries that are not this ready!

Starting with the trip home. I grabbed a dog seat cover for the backseat that can be zipped up to create a hammock! Yup, little Bernie can cuddle up in the back seat in comfort and style. I’m so pleased with this cover! So many perks!! First, it’s a quilted material that is soft to the touch but sturdy AND waterproof!! My leather seats will be protected from water, snow and mud! Because this puppy has the potential to be a very, VERY large dog!  Did y’all know Idaho has 5 seasons? Winter, Mud, Spring, Summer and Fall.

Protecting my seats is important but this cover has other perks like the the fact that with the help of sturdy zippers I can create a hammock which calms my dog down. I can also unzip the cover so that I can transport a person as well comfortably. Machine wash able. Added bonus is the seat belt leash that fits the middle seat belt latch and through a Velcro slit. The seat cover backing insures that the cover stays PUT!! Hands down this was a great purchase on my end!!

Next up is a dog grooming brush, a good sturdy brush! Two sided even! This brush is so cool The Husband started brushing his hair with it?!?! WHAT THE?! It belongs to the DOG!! Gesh! Men! Can’t leave ’em alone for a second!

Like my counters?  Yup, still using plywood! Remodeling takes a really long time!!

Double sided brush has a thick bristle side which is good for a shiny coat. The other side is a bright lime green with silicone bristles that will breeze through tangles. (ohhh what was I thinking getting a dog with long hair?! Have I lost my mind?! Wait; don’t answer that, I already know the answer)

This brush has a nice wooden handle, easily and comfortably fits my hand. Hole in the handle so I can hang the brush up.

Next up a dog leash. Yup, even in the wilds of Idaho a puppy needs a leash. The leash that I picked is a training leash. Let me tell ya what, I picked a leash that will work work for years! This is a sturdy leash!  This leach is 6′ long with a double handle lead for control and training.

The leash is made nylon with hand holds of soft neoprene, so your hands are comfortable even on those long walks.

The leash is a 2 in 1 design; use the long length for a normal walk. The short handhold for training.

There is even a D-Ring near the handle for the (included bonus) collapsible water bowl and poop bags too!

This is a great leash!

I can’t wait to start sharing pictures of Bernie with you!! Stay tuned!


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