BEST Valentine Idea EVER!! From Canvas Press!!

Happy Valentines Day TO ME!!!

This has to be one of the BEST gifts EVER!!!  Y’all know that the greatest gifts for me somehow involve Alice. I absolutely adore that kid!! She is a crack up from the top of her head to the bottom of her little feet.

I was given the opportunity to write a review for Canvas Press you know I jumped!!  After several days I narrowed it down to one photo. Of course, that was a job in itself. I truly believe that each and every day of her entire 6.5 years that kid has had her photo taken!

Do I pick a funny picture? Do I pick a serious picture? (yes, she does have a couple of those!) I finally picked the phenomenal picture that my daughter Selena took. Alice looks so grown up!!!!!

THAT was the hardest part of ordering from Canvas Press. Seriously! Narrowing down the picture was the ONLY hard part of the entire process.

The design tool is super easy to use!!

Start with the size of the canvas you want. Decide what type of canvas you want. Do you want un-stretched? Do you want .75″ to 2.0″ wrapped? Add the picture; remember: Canvas Press

Once you have uploaded your photo you can adjust size, border type then you can adjust, center, flip, move, zoom, scale. Basically adjust the canvas to your liking.

Another MAJOR perk for Canvas Press are two special areas. First, in the bottom right hand corner is the print quality indicator.

I want to add a note here that customer service at Canvas Press is amazing. My picture was quite in the green area, customer service emailed me and worked with me to create my masterpiece. These guys go over and above!! Absolutely amazing, helpful service!!

The next thing that I found super helpful on the site is the price button. Each and every change is automatically updated in the price box. It’s located in the top right corner. Canvas Press

After you’ve arranged the picture your way, you can also add touch-ups, color options from Sepia to B&W and more. You can even choose to have your canvas look like an oil painting! Complete with brush strokes!

You can add text overlay and choose your mounting. The canvas comes standard with a saw tooth mount.

Add to the cart and sit back and wait patiently.

Shipping is fast! Packaging is great. My canvas arrived in pristine condition. It will be the first picture that I hang in the new house!!

Depending on the lighting in the house (or in the yard!) the canvas takes on a completely different look. It’s a beautifully created canvas!! With the most perfect subject! (ya know…. if I don’t mind saying so myself!!)


While I still have such a love/hate relationship with the whole moving to Idaho thing. There isn’t a single whine concerning Canvas Press. I love the workmanship, quality and customer service!!!


Check it out; you can get 55% OFF and FREE shipping over $50! Add BEMINE55 at checkout!!!  Order by February 14, 2018!!

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