Better idea!!

I thought it would be a way better idea to make Baby Alice list her New Year Resolutions than to promise ones for myself.  So for 2012 Alice would like to present……………………

Alice’s  Resolution list for 2012

1.                  I Want Learn to say Mom, Dad, Nonnie 
            (in no particular order!! Honest!!)

2.                  Learn to Roll Over     DONE!!!  And Alice was SHOCKED!! LOL 1/9/12

3.                  Play more Peek-a-Boo

4.         Roll Back and Forth on the Floor

5.                  Do Finger-plays

6.                  Sing a song

7.          Dance with Nonnie to music

8.          Learn to Crawl

9.          Talk into an electric fan 

10.              Go for a Walk at least 3 Days a week 
            (Nonnie x-nayed the everyday walk… get real kid!!)

11.       Play with a bucket of water and a sponge 
            (Shhhh… It’s really called scrubbing the floor!)

12.              Read a Story a Day

13.              Go to the park at least once a week

14.              Finger-paint

15.       Bang on Pots and Pans with a spoon

16.       Practice putting things in and taking things out of boxes and bags

17.       Take a Picture a Day
            (at least!)

18.       Use a paper towel tube as a megaphone

19.       Paint Alice’s palms with tempura paint and blot on paper. 

20.       TAKE A NAP!  Longer than 10 minutes kid!!!!  

There…… we feel better now.  We’ll let ya know how it goes. 

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