Blast From The Past! Baby Alice!

All I wanted was a cute picture of Baby Alice in her new hat!!!!!  I wanted 2 one for Grammie.  I wanted her to hold a note telling her Grammie Happy Birthday.  The second photo I wanted a smiling Alice to show off her adorable hat!! That’s allllllllll I wanted.  This kid!!  She would smile and laugh… but not at the camera.

This is the CUTEST hat!!!

Thank you Kristin from The Peppermint Lane.

Cute baby in a monkey hat

 Smile, laugh and show the note… but not all at the same time.

Cute baby in a monkey hat
Cute baby in a monkey hat

Maybe if I add a prop??   Nope.

You know where this story is going don’t you??  Yeah…. you got it….. as soon as the camera was set down Alice SMILED like she was on TV full face…. hat perfectly placed….. yup…
Put the cell phone down??? You’re laughing….  soooo you’ve met Alice have you?? Yup, held that note like a professional sign twirler!!

Little does she know…. Nonnie’s got ALLLLLL day tomorrow to try again!!

I need more tips to photograph this kid!


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