Blast from the past Very First post!

Here is my very first post dated July 1, 2009. WOW a lot has changed!  I now have 3 perfect Grandbabies!  I no longer work as a receptionist.  Now I babysit full time. Somethings stayed exactly the same…. I still can’t handle stress without eating. I still could easily eat a 1lb bag of peanut butter M&M’s at one sitting.  (Notice how I am now avoiding all mention of dieting!??!  Yea….. oh well, 2013 is a new year right??)

Let’s get this party started!!

Hello! As you may have read from my bio my name is Connie. I’m 51. Married mother of 3. First time Grandma with 1 absolutely PERFECT Granddaughter. I work full time as a receptionist for an optometrist in Escondido. With each of the different hats I wear I have stress that I need to learn to manage without using food. (I have that management skill mastered! )

51 brought along menopause (okay seriously! I can have a hot-flash and a pimple at the same time? How is that fair!??) I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism a couple of years ago which makes me feel sluggish and tired all the time.

My wonderful husband brings his own type of stress. (noooo not just for being a man) My husband has Multiple Sclerosis. I’m always worried about him. Heat is really hard on MS patients so doing things together outside is usually out of the question. Walking for any amount of time puts him into hours of pain. So we spend a lot of time watching movies and staying where it’s air conditioned.

Children. LOL stress and kids that’s almost a no brainier. Everyone worries about their children. My kids are all older (29, 30 & 32) since they don’t live at home they are no longer worried about being grounded so they don’t clear things with me anymore. I don’t know which is worse, waiting up till you know they are home safe and sound or not knowing they’ve been out all night!! I really am kidding, my kids are great. Each one is doing amazingly well. Both of my daughters spent time in the Navy. My oldest daughter then went into law enforcement. My other daughter is a wife and mother of one PERFECT little girl (I may have mentioned that before). My son runs his own successful business.

Work. Of course there is stress. It’s WORK! It’s a four-letter word even! My job is to be upbeat and happy. EVEN during a hot-flash.

But I’m excited to have been choosen for the Channel 10 Half Year Challange. I was even MORE excited and less stressed after meeting with Trudi, Patti and David at Channel 10 and finding out the official picture taking didn’t involve spandex or biker shorts and bra top. (My children! They do know just which buttons to push to freak me out!! SO HA!!! No spandex!)

I’m excited to get started! Is it bad to really want that bag of m&m’s to kick start this diet? (am I skinny yet?) ummm well Gracie thought that was funny anyway.

I also need to add Happy Birthday to my dear husband Randy!


  • Anonymous

    Wow seems like only yesterday you started the blog!
    Your amazing and I’m super proud of you and the great job your doing!!
    Love you momma

  • Diane K.Brimmer

    Wow! We do hav a lot in common. Same age, 3 children, and I too was just diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. I didn’t know why I felt so tired and sluggish till just now after reading your post. Make much more sense why I can’t keep up with my 8 little granddaughters. I too babysit full time. LOL

    • Connie Gruning

      Diane, you and are so much alike….I gotta work on gettin’ me more Grandbabies though!!
      Isn’t this thyroid thing a pain in the tush?? UGH!!
      I have a feeling if we lived closer we would be hangin’ out all the time!

  • Anonymous

    Wow I can’t believe I have been following you since day 1 (that doesn’t make me stalker does it) nope a devoted reader sounds much better. gg

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