Bloggers’ Treat and $300++ Paypal Cash Giveaway Sign Ups

Bloggers’ Treat and $300++ Paypal Cash Giveaway Sign Ups

Hey!! Bloggers, are you looking to grow your followers? I’m a greedy girl so I am always wanting more…. more …… more!!  Check out this exciting new giveaway opportunity that you will want to get in on!
In exchange for an announcement post and promoting the giveaway, you will get TWO FREE LINKS on the Rafflecopter. (Links to Facebook and Twitter only.)

Eligibility for the free links is as follows:
Blog must have a Google Page Rank of 2 or higher, and the Domain Authority must be 35 or higher ONLY. Absolutely no free-hosted domains please.
* Bloggers must be willing to post about the giveaway and promote it through social media channels at least once per day for the duration of the contest.
* Bloggers must put up an announcement post about the blogger sign-up.

Here’s the BIG TREAT FOR BLOGGERS!!!!!!!
$250 Cash will be raffled off among all qualified blogs!
$100 Cash incentive for the blog/blogger who refers the most contest entrants!
$300 initial prize for Rafflecopter entries!

Don’t miss your opportunity to get in on this fantastic giveaway opportunity!

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