Blogging Buddies Thursday Blog Hop (week 3)

I’m ready to try another blog hop! I sorta know what I’m doing now… sorta.
Anddddd now I’m not. LOL Thanks to Sue over at Finger Click Saver I’m pulling buttons off for right now. Sue got a message that my site had Malware on it.
Remember last week?? When I lost everything and had to reboot Windows?? UGH!!! So I’ve done a complete Anti-Virus scan (Twice tonight!) Nothing shows up… and the only thing that I added to the blog was the linking buttons soooooooooooooooooooooo……… I will try this blog hoppin’ again….. later. Ohhhhhhhh waiiiiittttttt! I added the facebook button… hummmmmm ya think it was that?!?! MANNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!! Grrrrrrrr…. perhaps Facebook is going away too?! MANNNNNN!!!! (enough whining for tonight….. MANNNNNNNNNNN!!!)


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