Dog Park

Okay I admit it I never had an interest in going to a dog park.  I had a preconceived notion of ……… I don’t know…. dog fights….. dirt everywhere….. I dunno. I just never went! I never WANTED to go! I mean why? I have a yard, Gracie get’s to go on walks….. why DRIVE to a dog park?!  BUT Selena talked me into taking Miss Gracie yesterday (for her 5th birthday!)
First, I have to admit…. I’m hooked. I actually want to be there NOW! 2nd the park is nicer than some of kids parks I’ve been too!!  I want MY YARD to look like the dog park!! 

The entrance
If only they had wifi!!
  Seriously, couldn’t you sit here all day!?!?
 Miss Gracie, Bosco and Jack.
 I have to admit my very favorite part?? Baby Alice time!!  Is this not the cutest face!??!?!

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