Blue Sky Scrubs

Scrubs… they aren’t just for doctors and nurses anymore!! Check out!!!
HOW CUTE ARE these?!?!?!?! Kids Scrubs!!!!  If you know someone that works in the healthcare field HOW perfect would this be as a shower gift??

There really are scrubs for everyone! The scrubs are all the highest quality with a large selection of colors available.  I’m thinking all 3 of my Grandbabies need a pair of these!!  Too bad I didn’t find these in October!!  Add parents in straight jackets and you have the perfect theme for Halloween!! I have to remember this for next year!! 
The adult Blue Sky Scrubs are really nice! I like the form fitting look of them!  You should go check ’em out!  I’m headed back now…. I’m thinkin’ I need a pair to hang around the house in! 

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