Boost Your Business Social Media Performance with These Tips

Social media of some kind is essential for businesses these days. You should be using at least one social media channel to engage with customers, keep people up to date and perhaps even provide customer service. If you’ve started using social media, but you feel that things have been kind of lackluster so far, you should do something to get the boost that you need. By improving your social media performance, you could start raising your brand awareness and increase your customer loyalty too. So how do you make positive changes to your social media and boost your engagement numbers?

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Have a Strategy

One thing that you mustn’t do is try to run your social media accounts without a plan. Simply posting sporadically with no real goal in mind isn’t going to get you very far. You might get some engagement, but you can do much better if you have a plan. A social media strategy gives you direction and ensures you have goals to fulfill. You should know why you’re doing all of the things that you do on social media. Every action should contribute to your strategy and form part of a wider objective. Your strategy should define your audience and how to engage them.

Make Videos to Share

Social media platforms allow you to post several types of content, and it’s a good idea to mix up what sort of content you share. However, video is the most engaging type of content that you can share, so it’s important to ensure you’re sharing it. You can share other people’s videos if they’re relevant, but it’s also wise to create your own videos. Some can be created cheaply with just a phone and some smart lighting, but using a video production company is better for anything that you want to have higher production value. Working with professionals will ensure you get professional quality.

Be Consistent

Consistency is key when you’re running a business social media page. Having a strategy will help you to be consistent, but you should also think about making a schedule or editorial calendar. You can schedule when you will post and what you will post so that you always know what comes next. There are tools that you can use to set up posts in advance so that they will post automatically, and you can ensure consistent and regular posting. Your posts should stay on brand too.

Be Social

It’s called social media for a reason. You shouldn’t only be posting to your followers without listening to them. You also need to engage with them if you want them to engage with you. You can use your social media to start and continue conversations with customers, reply to feedback, and provide customer service. The important thing is to have a dialogue with your customers, rather than just treating social media like a one-way communication channel.

Start improving your social media performance, and you could soon see that your customers are engaging with you more online.


  • heather

    I have a friend who owns her own salon and she pays someone to do all of this for her now that is a great idea! I could not keep up on all of these platforms.

  • Kate Sarsfield

    I’m actually flabbergasted when I come across a bad website. I mean, who goes to the bother of creating a website without listing products, prices etc? Social media presence should be perceived as advertising – FREE advertising, for heaven’s sakes!

  • Tamra Phelps

    I don’t know how businesses stay open without some sort of presence on social media. If I want to know something about a company or a product, the first place I look is online.

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