Check it OUT!! #MaskMarket GIVEAWAY!! #facemaskselfie

Aren’t we living in the weirdest of times? I read today that some governors want to extend the quarantine for 18 months?!? EIGHTEEN MONTHS!? Are you kidding me?!

Quarantined and bored out OF MY MIND (sorry, did I type that too loud?) When you do leave the house don’t you feel like your sneaking out the bedroom window like a defiant teenager? (Or is that just me again?)

When you are out for that grocery run you’re decked out like a famous movie star totally incognito! Big sunglasses, gloves and a mask. For all we know we are shopping next to Gerard Butler, The Rock or maybe Goldie Hawn!? Anyone with a million kids could easily be Angelina Jolie (Again, me and wishful thinking. What can I say I. AM. BORED!!)

Okay, let me get back on track. Masks!

For the most part they are white, boring masks that just any ole person can wear right?? But, us Peanuts we demand something better RIGHT?!?!?!


The folks over at Ugly Christmas Sweaters are filling a need Ugly Sweater style.

Masks with PERSONALITY!!! Fun, pretty or unique! On top of that you can design a mask to fit YOUR PERSONALITY!  YES! You can design your very OWN mask!!

I couldn’t wait to design mine! I must have spent 2 hours on Google searching for ‘just the perfect look’.

Y’all know it had to be unique, quirky and a full on scoop of just plain weird.

So whaddaya think??  Did I accomplish my mission?? I think my mask hit’s the mark. But, I’ll let you decide.

More to know! 

MaskMarket donates one mask for every mask sold.


Each mask is adjustable too!

Turn around time is wicked fast! 3 days after ordering I received an email saying my masks had shipped.

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One very lucky Peanut Butter and Whine follower will win a mask of their own!  You can custom design yours or choose a pre-made mask. Good luck little Peanuts!


103 thoughts on “Check it OUT!! #MaskMarket GIVEAWAY!! #facemaskselfie

  1. Yay! Sarah won! Wonder which one she chose? I’m guessing either the rainbow or one with plants/flowers.

  2. My nephews would laugh at the one that says ‘I Paused My Game To Be Here.’ It applies to them, usually.

  3. I would choose the Desert Camo Print Adult Face Mask. I work on a military base and we have to wear a mask at all times. This would fit in perfectly.

  4. I have to admit that the Tiger King mask of John when he was missing so many teeth makes me laugh. I don’t know if I’d have the nerve to wear it, though. I might go with a pretty one, like the Peace Sign mask.

  5. I like the idea of the Warning Social Distancing: 6 Feet mask. You might as well let people know up front!

  6. I really think I like the Hawaiian Orchids & Ferns, They are so darn cute. That is for face masks!

  7. I’ve been thinking about what kind of mask I’d design if I did that. I might go with my own lower face, maybe with my tongue sticking out, lol.

  8. I love purple, so the Faded Purple Perennia Flowers look really pretty. I might go with that one.

  9. The Sunflowers Adult Face Mask is so pretty. I have a friend who is crazy about sunflowers and she would really like this mask.

  10. I know which masks my nephews would go for…the camo ones. I like them, too. They are kind of neat.

  11. I really like the galaxy print one. It has so many colors, I feel like it would go with anything.

  12. I love Skull items and I fell in love with the Day of The Dead Skull mask. That’s the one I would get.

  13. The Tiger King one is hysterical. I binged watched that and then The Tiger King and I (that one was funny)

  14. I am so tempted by the Tiger King mask, lol. I admit it, I fell down that rabbit hole and watched that series. I might try to be a normal person and go with the Peace Sign mask.

  15. I really like the Blue & Purple Galaxy Adult Face Mask, I’m a sucker for anything that is galaxy print!

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