Covid-19 Ways To Overcome The Continued Challenges Posed By The Pandemic

The global coronavirus pandemic has impacted all of our lives in a very big way. While it seems that the lock-down regulations are beginning to ease, it will be a long time before true normality is restored. It has subsequently impacted every aspect of our daily lives. 

Temporary measures got you through the initial troubles, but it is now necessary to think about more permanent ideas. Here are 19 simple tips to overcome common obstacles.

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1) Restore Healthy Sleeping Patterns

During the first few weeks of the coronavirus lock-down, you probably spent a lot of nights watching Netflix until 3 AM. However, a good night’s sleep sets you up for the day ahead. Embrace it.

2) Build A Workspace

If you’ve been working on the sofa, your productivity will have suffered. Working from home is the new norm for millions. A designated workspace is essential.

3) Get Gardening

While we can now explore the great outdoors, your backyard holds the key to home happiness. Building a deck, for example, can provide years of happiness to come.

4) Master Storage

If your home is starting to feel cramped, you can sell or recycle items to create more space. Alternatively, self-storage units are an option.

5) Set Aside Personal Time

Spending more time with the family is great, but you still need a chance to relax alone in these stressful times. Be sure to create time in your day for personal hobbies or your favorite shows.

6) Stay Connected To Friends

You can now see friends in restricted circumstances. Still, you must be responsible to prevent the virus from spreading. Finding appropriate options, online and offline, is crucial.

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7) Get Help With Homeschooling

A lot of parents will be struggling to keep kids engaged with their work. Great worksheets can be found at It’s the help you need.

8) Invest In Your Development

If it feels as though your career has stagnated, why not cure your boredom with a business course. Alternatively, you could finally launch your business idea.

9) Find A New Sporting Activity

The novelty of running and cycling has long worn off. Exercise is still crucial, though. Try kayaking or other fun sports you wouldn’t usually try.


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10) Talk

Whatever happens, the next few months are sure to serve up some emotionally testing moments. Whether talking to a loved one or stranger online, opening up is an essential step.

11) Journal

Making sense of this unprecedented period is tough. Documenting your thoughts is therapeutic and may help you regain control.

12) Plan Ahead

While we don’t know how long it’ll be before true normality returns, you can still make plans. Make a wish list of local, national, and international places to visit. We all need a source of excitement.

13) Get On Top Of Housework

The home needs more frequent maintenance than ever. Our simple guide to cleaning and disinfecting the property is vital. It’ll stop the virus from spreading.

14) Enjoy An Upgrade

As well as keeping the home clean, you should use this time to upgrade it. Paint the walls, remove a wall, or add a new luxury design feature. 

15) Buy A Mask

Even if your interactions with the public are limited, a face mask is essential in today’s world. Have a look online, and you’ll find plenty of snazzy designs.

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16) Check Financial Support Opportunities

Having already explored the short-term tax credits and other financial support, you must now look at longer solutions. This could include payment holidays and more.

17) Cook From Scratch

Most families have spent the last few months either cooking long winded meals or ordering take out. Visit to beat this. Mmmm tasty.

18) Limit Social Media Time

A little social media is fine, but the fake lives and people pretending to be 100% happy will make you feel like a failure. Avoidance is your best option.

19) Count Your Blessings

Covid-19 has caused major disruption, but has also given us a sense of perspective. If your family has remained healthy, this is the only source of positivity you truly need.



  • heather

    Great tips for overcoming the pandemic and also some great ones for a healthy lifestyle in general. I like the get gardening tips and also keeping in touch with friends.

  • gloria patterson

    Its funny reading back almost two years ever thing on your list is still something that people need to think about. If you have a yard get out there and figure out how to have a garden. Just looking around on line container garden is big if you don’t have a lot of room.

    It is still not gone but we all are hanging in there and taking it one day at a time

  • Rosie

    I love this mask! I never see anyone with humorous masks, that would be cool! I walked to town and home again today, and the mask didn’t bother me that much, getting used to it!

  • Crystal K

    We’re lucky that Utah is shipping masks to every household in Utah. We have some resuable cloth ones, but it’ll be nice to have more since they need to be washed every time they’re used.

  • Tamra Phelps

    I’ve only been doing the ‘at home’ part for 6 days, and as weird as it is, it sure beats being in a nursing home. I guess we have to do all we can to stay connected to the World out there, and these tips sound good to me.

  • Kate Sarsfield

    Just one little point, Connie, if you are working from home, do invest in a proper chair. The number of people complaining of back & neck pain has dramatically increased.

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