A Scrub A Day Keeps Corona Away: How To Effectively Clean And Protect Your Home

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Even with social distancing measures in place and washing our hands more frequently than ever before, Coronavirus is still a tricky opponent. Studies suggest that the COVID-19 virus can remain active on most surfaces for hours and even days. Therefore the CDC strongly suggests cleaning is one of the most effective ways of protecting your home from this invisible enemy.

If someone in your house has contracted COVID-19 or was in contact with someone who has, cleaning can be the most effective way to protect your entire family. We asked the experts at C&C Cleaning to share a few tips on how to best protect your home from the terrifying virus.

How To Properly Protect Your Home

Eliminating the novel coronavirus takes two levels: disinfecting and cleaning. Cleaning entails using detergents and soaps to get rid of germs and dirt from the surfaces of your home. Disinfecting is done by using bleach and chemical to kill germs and viruses. The two combined provide a fool-proof way of protecting your home from the virus.

Pay Extra Attention To High-Touch Areas

High-touch areas, as the name implies, are the ones in your home that your family makes the most contact with. This includes doorknobs, faucets, light switches, kitchen counters, remotes and gamepads, and much more. These are the objects you should pay the most attention to when disinfecting your home.

Make Sure You’re Using The Right Products

After cleaning your home with soap or detergent and water, you will need to go over all the surfaces with a strong disinfectant. Make sure the disinfectant is right for the particular surface or material you are cleaning to avoid permanent damage to your home or furniture.

One of the most effective and commonly used disinfectants is bleach. To make a safe bleach solution, add 5 tbsp of bleach per gallon of water. Some people prefer to use alcohol instead, in which case make sure you are using over 70% alcohol.

Make sure you don’t combine different products, as they could harm both the surface and humans.

Always Wear Gloves

A lot of people neglect this, but wearing gloves when cleaning protects both your skin and your body from contracting coronavirus. Make sure to use disposable gloves you’ll get rid of once you’re finished cleaning. Even when wearing gloves, washing your hands after you’re done is highly recommended.

Pay Attention To Doing Laundry

When handling your laundry you should wear gloves, especially if you are living with someone who has contracted the coronavirus or is suspected to have. Do not shake the laundry when handling it as it could help disperse the virus. Make sure to use the hottest water setting according to the label on the clothes in order to eliminate the virus effectively.

Be Careful When Washing Dishes

As the coronavirus is transmitted through spit, washing dishes can be very dangerous in terms of contracting the virus yet is easily overlooked. If you are living with someone who is sick or has come into contact with someone suffering from coronavirus, make sure to use gloves and wash the dishes with hot water. Alternatively, you can use the dishwasher. However, make sure to use a longer washing program to eliminate the virus completely.

Prevention Is The Key To Fighting Coronavirus

While these tips can be equally effective for everyone, regardless if anyone in your family is already sick, the most effective way to spread Coronavirus is still from person to person. Therefore, apart from regularly cleaning your home, make sure you avoid contact with others as much as possible, avoid public gatherings, avoid touching your face, and make a habit out of washing your hands.


  • heather

    Great cleaning tips for everyday house cleaning. I like the tip about wearing gloves when touching dirty laundry that is a good one. I love the smell of bleach!

  • Tamra Phelps

    Oh boy. Remember when everyone was so scared about what we might be bringing into a house with groceries or deliveries?? I remember wiping things off, I wonder if it did any good??

  • Kate Sarsfield

    Just a year ago and all this is now commonplace. I think they should make wearing masks obligatory all the time in a doctor’s surgery. I always came home with some bug or other – not anymore!

  • Tamra Phelps

    You know, I never thought about not shaking the laundry. That’s something I usually do, too. It’s just a habit, I guess. I’ll have to be more careful.

  • Dana Rodriguez

    This is a great post. Everyday I see more confirmed cases in this area. I think people are getting a bit too comfortable.

      • Rosie

        wow, that is a lot for a tiny town. Our area is starting to reopen, but I’m not going out much. I’ve been doing some scrubbing cleaning every day. Nothing to huge all in one day, but at least an hour or so, it starts to add up. Then the high touch areas more. I’m getting low on bleach, alcohol and paper towels, hyperventilating just thinking about not being able to find it!

  • Tamra Phelps

    This is good advice. COVID-19 is not gone, it’s actually getting worse in a lot of places around the country. I’m really afraid we’re going to get so lax that we get another go-round with it.

  • Crystal K

    This is all great advice, but man it’s already tough to keep the house clean with 2 kids and 3 pets! I feel like I’m always cleaning now that I’m also trying to keep this virus at bay!

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