Breast Cancer Facts

How are you with Breast Cancer Facts?  As it turns out I’m NOT very good with breast cancer facts!
Did you know that breast cancer is second only to lung cancer??  I had no idea!
Did you know that if detected early with stage 0 you have a 100% survival rate with treatment?  Stage II a 98% survival rate with treatment. The survival rates are the lowest for the 1V (level 4) patients. It’s so very IMPORTANT to do a monthly self exam!! EVERY MONTH!!!  See your doctor once a year!! Get your mammogram as ordered by your doctor!!

I found some of the myths and facts really interesting:
*Cancer of the breast effects women and men. The higher percentage of cancer is found in women. But, men account for 10% of the breast cancer patients around the world.
*Women under the age of 50 make up 25% of breast cancer patients.
*Overweight (especially if post menopausal or gained weight later in life. EECKK!!) have a higher risk of having breast cancer.
*Caffeine does not cause breast cancer. (Thank heavens!)
*Dairy free diet does not prevent cancer. Keep drinking MILK!!  It does a body good ‘ya know!!
*Breast cancer only comes in the form of a lump. That’s not true. Check for other signals too like: swelling, dimpling, skin irritation, nipple discharge, scaliness, redness, breast or nipple pain, a nipple that is turned in.
(That’s another one I was wrong about! I thought that if the breast didn’t have a lump you were in the clear)

Remember just because you find a lump doesn’t mean you have breast cancer.  Only your doctor can tell you for sure!!  

Breast cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer for women. Every woman has a 12 percent chance of developing invasive breast cancer at some point in her life. In fact, of all the women you know, 1 in 8 will contract some form of breast cancer in her lifetime. While these are scary statistics, it’s important to realize that very few people actually die from the disease. The bottom line is, only about 3 percent of women die from breast cancer. The odds–1 in 35–are definitely in the patient’s favor.

Okay people……. time to check your tata’s!!  NOW… unless you are in Starbucks…… then you can wait till you get home.  


  • Ari T

    Thanks for sharing these facts. I admit I wasn’t as aware as I thought I was. The most important idea I took away from this is that I should get a yearly mammogram and check regularly for any lumps! I’m also relieved that dairy and caffeine are not likely to cause breast cancer.

  • Victoria Adams

    Having just gone through this – over 50 post-menopausal women should be super vigilant – the estrogen produced in belly fat can aid in the growth of a tumour if it is estrogen receptive – which is what happened to me. I had my yearly mammogram and was then sent for an ultra sound and then sent for a biopsy and was shocked to discover I had a lump and it was invasive ductal carcinoma (sp??). The lump was so small it couldn’t be felt. Don’t feel safe just because you can’t feel a lump – GET your mammogram!
    Because it was detected early – I had the lump removed – radiation and I’m done.

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