Girls CAN DO it!!!

Selena and DadI absolutely love THIS video!! This young lady at age 12 started building her dream car from SCRATCH!!!!!!!!!!!  Now at 14 years old and a true inspiration!! This video brings back such great memories of DH and our oldest Selena rebuilding her Suzuki’s transmission. They were a greasy mess from head to toe!! They did such an amazing job! Selena beamed with pride.

It is so important to teach girls they can DO anything they want to!! I believe that we should teach our children equally!! Girls AND boys should know how to change a tire, check their oil, cook, laundry and clean.

Of course, I also wish I would have shown my kids other things too.  Like managing a checkbook, the importance of having a savings account, clipping coupons and how to shop for cheap car insurance. I wish I would have taught the kids those life lessons too.

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    This is my all time favorite picture. I have always tought my girls that they can be anything that they want to be, and they have proved me right at every turn. I guess that is how you are when you have daughters. DH

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