Brick Or Treat LEGOLAND Style!


Y’all know I’m a HUGE LEGOLAND California fan. Add to that a huge Halloween fan well, where else would I spend a Friday night in October?! Of COURSE Brick-or-Treat Party Nights!!

LEGOLAND presents it’s annual Halloween celebration; Brick-or-Treat!! Each Friday from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the month of October. The park transforms into a not-too-scary Halloween celebration.bricktreat1

BRICK-OR-Treat requires a special ticket, once inside the turn styles you grab a special wrist band. This year there was an organized line to pick up your wristband. The line went quickly!! The wristband is what says you can stay and party until the 9:00 closing.

There are “Brick or Treat” stations located throughout the LEGOLAND. Each of the large maps of the park have “Candy Corn” stickers to point you in the right direction. I wish there more effective ways to point to candy stations; maybe park employees with large “Follow ME To Candy” signs?  It is confusing even for someone who has been to LEGOLAND as many times as I have. The park is dark for Brick-or-Treat so I got turned around easily. Add on top of that; the park is crowded!!

We were able to hit 7 candy stations.  We opted not to ride any rides because both of the 5-year-old girls were much more interested in candy!

There are costume contests and dance parties around the park. Park employees dressed in some very impressive costumes.


There are Lego inspired photo ops throughout the park, huge pumpkins, ghosts and more.

The treat lines usually move fast. Employees are very generous with hands full of candy making the 20 to 30 minute wait worth it to the 5-year-old’s.

Heartlake City turns into the Harvest Festival with fun music with a live band and an adorable scarecrow on stilts.


• Hundreds of kids and parents in costume

• All new theater show, “The Curse of the Hallowmeenie”

• Ghost Cruise Scavenger Hunt

• Trick-or-treating at candy carts and treat stations

• Costume contests and interaction with the “Boo Crew”

• The “Spirits of Halloween” animated light show

• Hubble Bubble’s Dance Party, Monster Fighter Mash Character Dance Party and Bluegrass Band Jamboreepbw_5003


Next year I plan to arrive early so that the kids can enter the annual costume contest. The prizes are amazing!! Between LEGO toys to LEGOLAND California admission tickets and even LEGOLAND Hotel stays!!pbw_4985

Throughout the park are roaming performers on stilts and unicycles for photo ops or photobombs!


As much as I love LEGOLAND I wish the Brick-Or-Treat celebration was more organized. The park is very crowded and the candy stations are hard to find. (And five-year-olds are not patient!!) Once you are in line people are cutting in front because it’s hard to distinguish the line from just walking patrons. I think roped off areas or maybe more organized areas like the Sky Cruiser area would help.
Go in with patience! Have FUN!! Enjoy the costumes and happy kids!


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