D’OR24K’s Instant 60 Second Non-Surgical Eye Lift Syringe #eyelift

One thing that I am very self-conscious about is my eye bags. I hate my eye bags!! I’ve tried using different highlighters and make up techniques to disguise and hide them some have worked and some were a disaster.  D’OR24K’s Instant 60 Second Non-Surgical Eye Lift Syringe is one product that DOES work!! The tightening effects lasts ALL DAY LONG!!
D’OR24K gives me the look of having had eye surgery without the needles and of course the expense! My puffy eyes are GONE!!  My wrinkles are gone! The skin around my eyes (or anywhere that I apply my serum) looks soft, smooth and younger! The results last me all day long anywhere from six to eight hours. If it’s very hot outside my oily skin shortens the tightening time to about 4 to 5 hours.

  • Tightens pores within 60 seconds of application
  • Visibly reduces bags and fine lines
  • Instant, on the go lifting and plumping
  • Designed for a special occasions

Open the tube by twisting the base one click. Squeeze the D’OR24K serum onto your fingertip and then gently pat under your eyes or wherever the wrinkles you want gone. Then without moving your facial muscles the D’OR24K will tighten and lift the skin. You will be able to feel it working.

Using ingredients like sodium silicate and magnesium aluminum silicate, the Non-Surgical Lifting Syringe from D’OR24K tightens the skin and lifts wrinkles while absorbing excess facial oil. The Non-Surgical Lifting Syringe also includes green tea, which not only reduces wrinkles, but also helps prevent sun damage, tones skin, and works on many skin problems such as psoriasis or rosacea.

Tips to remember 
Be sure to apply D’OR24K on a clean and dry face.
Pat on; don’t rub.
A thin layer is all that is needed.
Keep your face expressionless.
IF you have any white area after the serum dries pat with a damp finger GENTLY!
Don’t apply any liquid on top of the serum.
It’s okay to put a thin layer of face powder on top once the serum dries. I find that I don’t need face powder.


Not a single whine here! The D’OR24K’s Instant 60 Second Non-Surgical Eye Lift Syringe is very easy to use. One pump will do both eyes. The D’OR24K moves easily almost glides on the skin. The serum dries quickly. 60 to 90 seconds. If there is a little scent it goes away immediately. As it dries you will feel it tighten your skin. The tightening feels cool and refreshing which helps to reduce my puffy bags.

I am thoroughly pleased with the results.

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