Brightech BrightPlay Home HD Bluetooth Receiver Review

Awhile back my son Zachary helped me with a review for the bluetooth module, he was so enamored with the possibilities. Finding that it was so useful everywhere he went he decided a second bluetooth module was needed.  So, of course one of my favorite companies out there; Brightech had just the product he was looking for.  Here is what Zac (the stereo guy!) has to say about the Brightech BrightPlay Live.

This Brightech BrightPlay Live Home HD Bluetooth receiver looked very interesting to me. Rather than a separate power plug and Bluetooth receiver box, this unit combines both compactly in the power plug! What a great idea!

After receiving the product, setting the BrightPlay up was a breeze.

Since it also has a USB charge port on it I simply replaced my iPhone charger with the BrightPlay HD, plugged in the supplied 3.5mm (1/8″ jack) to rca adapter, plugged the rca end into my receiver. Pairing was even easier, once the unit turned on and the blue light came on I just scanned for devices with my phone, selected BrightPlay Live and started rocking out!

I was originally a little concerned that by having everything built in the power plug that it may have induced noise from the power strip, I did not detect any of that, which is great!


The sound was great with no complaints at all. The range was very impressive, pretty much double the rated range in clear line of sight. Range was still over the rated distance with objects in the way, walls, steel bodied car etc.

Overall I think this is an awesome little piece! Sounds great, takes up virtually no space, hides away for clean wiring, great range. What more could you ask for??



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