Some Memories Need to Be Planned

People who don’t wish to waste their life away typically ask the elderly what they wished they would have done differently. Time and time again, the elderly say they wish that they spent more time with their family and friends. No one ever says that they wished they worked more or sat around to watch TV. A close follow-up answer for the elderly is that they regret not taking risks. They regret not telling people what they really felt or thought. They regretted not reaching for their goals. Time is precious. Make the best of it, and avoid regret.

People need to make the time to spend with friends and family. There is no way around it. There will always be work, cleaning, errands and other tasks. Time has to be made in order to spend it with family and friends. This can come in the way of a Sunday picnic, birthday parties or summer vacations. Planning for these doesn’t have to be difficult. Finish work quicker, and clean the house more efficiently. Time can be made, and it should.

Make things easy when planning on a get-together. Opt for easy-to-make foods or have everyone pitch in. Make meatballs in a crockpot for meatball sandwiches. Use paper plates that can be easily discarded. If waste is a concern, use the paper plates to have a bonfire later in the evening. Meals can be eaten outside. Outdoor heaters make the surrounding air temperature comfortable when it’s otherwise cold outside. Things don’t have to be extravagant for people to appreciate spending time together. Simple coffee and snacks are greatly appreciated. Stress less, and savor togetherness.

Birthday parties are a fun way to spend time with friends and family members. Birthday parties can be done in an easy manner. Hire a caterer to have fun food items, such as tacos. Choose food that people of variable ages would enjoy. Children and adults like tacos. Hire a deejay to handle music. Select a few people to take pictures of the event on their phones that can be uploaded at a later time. For easy decorations outside, hang up miniature lights and lanterns. Balloons can be blown up for children. Allow balloons to be scattered all over the backyard. Go for simplistic ways to make a big difference. This will make clean-up easier too.

Vacations can be planned efficiently. Plan vacations by choosing all-inclusive packages. This takes a lot of detailed planning out of the process. Opt for time shares. Although some people like to go to the same destination year after year, time shares can be traded with other destinations. For other vacations, joining a club can help to save money and provide many perks. For instance, Accor Vacation Club Members provide many member benefits. Visit several locations over the years, and save money.

Anything is possible. Prioritize so that time is not wasted on frivolous matters. This helps people to focus on their work and goals. This, ultimately, helps people to spend the time doing what they love most.


  • margaret peg m

    i am noticing these same thoughts regarding my parents. they seem to wait for the next gathering we have w/ more excitement, just to be with family.

  • Tamra Phelps

    I know for me, simpler is better! When arthritis made it more difficult to get around, I learned to be more efficient out of necessity, lol. It does make life easier, though.

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