OH my gosh! I can’t wait to tell you about this game!! This family game from Winning Moves is called BRYNK is so much fun! Think JENGA but on steroids; or more accurately on a wobbly, MOVING base. This game is meant for kids 7 and up.  Talk about a game that teaches patience and problem-solving! BRYNK comes in a plastic canister which is your game base. Inside the unit is the 1 tri-slider piece, 3 corners each with silver balls; this makes the slider move very smoothly and easily. Also in the game base are 42 translucent plastic playing pieces in beautiful bright orange, blue and yellow. Kids are convinced that the yellow pieces weigh less; being the good NaNa that I am; I weighed them. So, no matter what the kids think each color weighs the same 0.02 ounces.

To play BRYNK is so simple and yet sooooo hard!! Turn your canister/game base with the opening on the table. The top is slightly concave. Place the tri-slider in the middle and place the lid on top of that. Then starting with the youngest player you will take turns fitting one of the plastic playing pieces into a another piece (Or the base for the first 3 turns) Using only ONE hand. The first few turns go pretty easily. Once you have four or so pieces on each branch the lid starts to roll; teeter and totter. You will be holding your breath at this point. Will you be the one to upset the balance? Will you be the one to cause the entire thing to come crashing down around you?

This game is so much FUN!! Seriously, we haven’t put it away since it arrived, BRYNK sits out on the dining room table for a quick game anytime!!

This game is rated for 7 and up. Play time is 15 to 30 minutes. (I promise you will want to play longer!!)


First, I will never complain about game time with the Grandkid! Ever!! But, this game is fun for adults too!! We are seriously having so much fun with this game. Last Thursday Alice called and asked if I would come over to play. SURE!! “Be sure to bring BRYNK”  So it had less to do with my loving NaNa disposition and more to do with my game collection. Ahhhhh it was still a win-win.


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