p. s. i love you! Wall Decal #WallMakers

One of my favorite spots in our home is my white board for the Grandkids. They LOVE this thing! I get fresh art work after every visit. Most of the artwork includes I love you NaNa. Or pictures of us playing together.  I love that!!  It’s in the family room and right at the level for perfect viewing.

The white board is a no-nonsense board with plain wooden frame. I’ve always thought it needed ‘something’ I didn’t know exactly what; just something. Now that I’ve added my 7ProductGroup Wall Decal the board feels done! This simple wall quote is perfect!!!

This vinyl wall decal was easy to apply to the wall.  In less than 5 minutes I had my decal on the wall. The transfer comes in two pieces; you have to add the letters to the transfer film; think contact paper. Then rub the two pieces; rub a lot. OVER and OVER, this step took me the longest time.  Next; cut the words if you want or need to for placement. Personally, I didn’t need to cut my decal into pieces. Remove the backing paper. Next step is applying to the wall, I was able to re-position my decal until it was aligned perfectly, then rub over the transfer film over and over.  The last step is to remove the transfer film. GO SLOWLY when you peel this sheet off. Going slowly will ensure that your decal adheres to the wall perfectly.

p.s. i love you in beautiful script writing, looks like it’s hand painted in a beautiful black matte paint. This is truly a eco-friendly, high quality decal!


My wall decal looks perfect on my wall. This is a quality made sticker. Added bonus! You can easily remove this wall decal if you ever want to remove it. Making it perfect for renters! I have no peeling or lifted corners on my decal. I am thoroughly pleased with this decal!



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