Buddha Fresh Natural Clean Air Review

Buddha Fresh bagCheck out Buddha Fresh! The best way to get Natural CLEAN Air!! So, what’s wrong with our current air fresheners?? Well, other than so many of them use a chemical fragrance to just mask odor, some air fresheners contain dangerous chemicals that are known to produce serious health hazards. Not cool!!

Did you know that most of these products don’t even list these hazardous chemicals in their ingredients?

Buddha Fresh on the other hand is a natural alternative. It eliminates odors, its biodegradable, non-toxic AND it LASTS UP TO TWO YEARS!!!

I’m excited to share with you a new Kickstarter Champaign. Meet Buddha Fresh.
infograph_1 An air freshener that is safe for the entire family!! No masking orders! No bad chemicals! Buddha Fresh ROCKS!!
Buddha Fresh Infographic
So, where can you use Buddha Fresh? Actually, it’s more like where can’t you use it? Shoes, closets, bathrooms, play-rooms. In a dresser, in a car, hidden away or left out to display! The cute little burlap bag is unique enough to be displayed anywhere!

The bamboo absorbs the odor it doesn’t mask it; which I love.

Black dog with Buddha FreshAdded bonus, Buddha Fresh is safe! You don’t have to worry about the kids or your pets because it won’t hurt you if you ingest it.

Bamboo charcoal comes from the bamboo plant. Made up of the plants roots, branches and stems. Bamboo Charcoal is only produced from plants 5 years or older.

Made from one of the worlds most sustainable materials on earth, bamboo, Buddha Fresh is an Eco-Friendly Air Freshener made of 100% Bamboo Charcoal. It serves as an all-natural deodorizer and air purifier – it absorbs odors, bacteria, harmful pollutants and allergens to naturally purify the air and remove those unwanted smells. It’s great for pet owners and very safe around young kids.

Another added bonus, in two years’ time when you are done with your Buddha Fresh just open the bag and sprinkle into the dirt around your plants!

Buddha Fresh

So now what? Well, you can help get Buddha Fresh into stores and into our homes by helping this companies Kickstarter campaign!


Not a single one! Buddha Fresh WORKS!! It looks great AND I don’t have to worry about the grandkids or the pets around this air freshener! I am positive you will be equally impressed!


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    I suppose it must be an American thing, but when I want fresh air, I open a window! Always eager to learn how ‘the other half’ live! But why? What; wrong with fresh air? Why replace the real thing with shop-bought chemicals? Mind you, poor old Tizzy’s (big, black lab & a huge softee) (RIP) feet stank, especially after his daily walk on the beach, but he loved Chanel No. 5 so can’t complain!

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