Magnetic Therapy Bracelet Review

I have always wanted to try a Magnetic Therapy Bracelet so when I was offered the chance to review one I jumped at the chance. The 99.9% pure copper bangle first looks nice. It’s a very understated bangle that just looks like a piece of trendy jewelry.
BraceletPure copper and its intrinsic properties help carry natural magnet therapeutic benefits to different parts of the wrist and hand.

With 6 premium natural magnets inside the bangle; people can find relief from a variety of conditions. Arthritis Pain, RSI, Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other Wrist Injuries.

This bracelet can be used for men or women. The very pliable copper bracelet has a slightly flat top so it fits comfortably. The copper bracelet feels very solid as well. The edges are smooth and an indented + (cross or X) is on one end. I really love the look of this bracelet.

This bracelet arrives in a pretty, black velvet bag lined in satin with the words Lifestyle+ imprinted on the front.

If the bracelet get’s bent out of shape it is very pliable and can be easily put back to its orignal shape.

Now for the pain relief standpoint, I have pain in my elbows, they ache almost constantly but the worst at night; at times enough to wake me up. Two weeks ago I started wearing this bracelet; and I haven’t been jarred awake from elbow pain for the last week. Hummmmm is it the bracelet or is it just a cycle of joint pain? I think it’s too early to tell for certain. I’m also afraid to take the bracelet off to double-check.


There are no instructions included with the Magnetic Therapy Bracelet; so it’s hard to know if the bracelet is worn correctly. Should it be worn up high? Should I tighten it around my wrist? Do I wear it continually? What do I do about the green skin discoloration? I think that one is strictly grab a silver one!
Overall, I love the look of the bracelet so I’ll continue to wear it. I’ll keep y’all updated on the pain aspect. At under $13 it’s worth a try even if you just think of it as pretty jewelry



  • Nancy C

    Am curious to know it this really works. My mom has bad arthritis and would love to share if it helps. Weird about the no instructions, but sounds like a good price point.


    What a pity there were no instructions on how to use it. A missed opportunity in customer care, me thinks. I used to wear one but gave up so do keep us updated re. pain relief.

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