Busy busy busy!!

Well!!!! I was on a roll!  Lawn mowed this morning while DH was at work.  Ran errands, including groceries….. got home and ready to power clean the house for the BBQ at our home tomorrow only to find DH on the couch fast asleep.  Hummmmmmmmm well, since he doesn’t sleep very well I hate to wake him up… so I’m letting him sleep away…. but I know dang good and well as soon as he wakes up I’ll be out of energy for cleaning.  (I am like a bull in a china shop while I’m cleaning… I am anything but quiet!!) Oh well, like the old saying goes… if you are here to see us….. come on in.  If you want to see the house… make an appointment!!  Oh wait… they may have made an appointment… dang….

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