Candles To Sooth, Inspire, Calm and Distress! Bonus RING Inside!! GIVEAWAY!!

I’m so excited! I get to host a GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!  One winner will #WIN a set of Ocean Mist Jewelry Candles (2pcs) – winner’s choice of jewelry a $45 Value!!! Giveaway Ends 9/7

Y’all know I love burning candles. I have candles everywhere in my home. In my craft-room, bedroom, livingroom and kitchen! I may have been born in the wrong century. WAIT… no Internet? Scratch that thought! It’s just safe to say that I love candles. The light. Seriously, who doesn’t look great in candle light? The scent? So relaxing or invigorating depending on the scent.

Then as if candles weren’t such a great item to begin with companies like Daniella’s Candles started putting JEWELRY INSIDE!!!!!  Okay, now we have officially combined two of my favorite items EVER together in one container.

There are several collections to choose from at Daniella’s Candles:

For my review I chose from the Classic Collection. Sensual Amber.

This candle arrives quickly, well packaged and arrives in a gift box. The box is pretty enough that you could stick a bow on top and be done! YES! I would 100% recommend Daniella’s Candles for gift giving.

First, this candle doesn’t put off an over powering scent. It’s subtle and soft. I LOVE that!!!  Next the glass container is black with a pretty fall looking label on the outside. Now, if you are someone that doesn’t like labels on your candles I found that mine removed in one piece with no sticky residue left behind. Since it’s a black container, I may just get my Cricut machine out and decorate this for Halloween! Y’know me always thinking of ways to recycle!

The candle is 100% all natural soy wax. Handmade in the USA.

It is recommended that you not burn the candle more than 4 hours at a time. So it took me two days to get my treasure uncovered.

The ring was packed inside a small plastic bag with the description and value of the ring. The plastic bag was well wrapped in foil, so the ring was very well protected.

My ring is a MSRP value of $35.00.  The main stone is a cubic zirconia and .925 sterling silver. It’s a pretty ring.

ADDED bonus! YOU can choose the size of the ring you would like to receive in your candle. I LOVE that feature.

Overall, no whines here. Pretty candle. Soft scent and a pretty ring!! All in a box ready for gift giving.


You HAVE got to SEE what else Daniella’s Candles has!! The Faberge Collection!! OHHHHMMMMGEEEEEE how pretty are these??

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GIVEAWAY TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Good luck little peanuts!!! One winner will #WIN a set of Ocean Mist Jewelry Candles (2pcs) – winner’s choice of jewelry a $45 Value!!! Giveaway Ends 9/7


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