Oh What A Vacation!

First, that vacation was AAAAAAHHHHHHMAZING!!!!!  Yes, I missed all of my little Peanuts. But, I had a great time with my kids (Selena and Zachary) and families. Mostly an awesome time with granddaughter Alice. I also got to spend some quality time with my bonus granddaughter Olivia. The girls are 8 and 10 so they got along fabulously.

I spent time between the two families. Selena, Dan and Alice. Then time with Zachary, Amber and Olivia. (okay, I have to do it again! They live 19 miles apart and it takes 2 HOURS to get to the other house. WHATTHE#$&(#%*#@^%!!  Sorry, I just needed to remind myself Sandpoint, Idaho is such an amazing place to live and San Diego County is CrAzY!! I mean CRAZY with a capitol C!! Where! IS EVERYONE going all the TIME!?)

The Haunted Road trip ended out to be a hiking road trip. APPARENTLY, ghosts don’t haunt on Mondays and Thursdays; the days we were in the haunted areas because those were the days they are closed. Ummmmm okay. FINE!! I will hike. Which I truly did enjoy. Selena? She power walks, she does not hike! I did not know this was a race. I am too chubby and too old to race to the top of a mountain. Besides who can enjoy a hike if you are running?  So I took pictures, enjoyed the quiet and endured the looks of impatience from my oldest child.

We visited hot springs (fabulous!)

We kayaked twice. For the record this was only my second and third try at kayaking so I apologize for running into that couple. I don’t know HOW to BACK UP!!  I should have just tried to stop. Oh well, no one fell in the water so that’s a win. Right? Then I practiced backing up. Right into a huge tree. Yeah…. that was hard to get out of.  Selena and family Kayak every weekend so of course she had to keep coming back to find me. I am slow. I would like to say that I am just enjoying the quiet and taking pictures but it’s more like trying to go in a straight line and not hit people. HOWEVER, I would love to own a kayak. It really is fun.

We went to ice caves which are SO COOL. SO dark! SO COLD too!!!! In the 1941 Olympic Ice Skaters use to practice down there!! WHAAAAAA???????  Yup. Yup!

We visited the Farragut U.S. Navy BRIG Museum. This was an great stop for us. Selena spent 14 years in the Navy so this was one of the highlights for her. So much history!!  The Brig at Farragut State Park captures the history of the Farragut Naval Training Station and World War II. The Brig is one of only a few structures left of the 776 buildings that were once on the base. The Brig houses a museum of boot camp, naval and war memorabilia dedicated to the 293,381 naval recruits who received their basic training here.

The sailor statue is amazing. It isn’t until you are standing next to it that you can see there are faces carved into the bust.


It was a fabulous trip! But, as with every vacation coming home is soooooo nice!!!!!

BUT….. ya, you knew there was a but………… now that I am home I am overwhelmed with projects. ACKKKKKKK!! My garden is non existent.  Why do weeds grow faster than flowers or plants? The weeds and lack of water have killed off most of my flowers.  The rest were eaten by deer.  My fault. I forgot to remind The Husband to water my plants both inside and outside. I now have one, maybe houseplant that I MAY be able to nurse it back to life. The house….. well. Ya know. Overwhelmed to say the least.

I promise to sit down and read comments from the last 2 months very soon. I PROMISE. For now, know that I am alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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