CarPET Scratch Stopper!

How is it that a cute, sweet, tiny little kitten can turn into such a holy terror? Their little claws are sharp!! I swear my Mom’s cat literally watches for my Mom to make eye contact before digging her little sharp claws in the carpet and on the side of the chair. The cat is like a two-year old testing the limits!! How far can I go before Mama get’s up and swats my butt?

I am in awe of the amount of damage that a cat can do to carpet. Not just carpet but hardwood floors and furniture too. I have a friend that kennels her cat just to save her floors!! Check out this Carpet Scratch Stopper. This cat and her terrorizing ways STOP NOW!!  How familiar does this picture look?!?
Carpet scratch 3

Don’t you love that innocent look on the cat? He seems to be saying  “What? I wasn’t gonna do anything bad!! HONEST!!”

The Carpet Scratch Stopper fit’s standard U.S. door sizes 28″, 30″, 32″, 34″ and 36″  It couldn’t be easier to use simply place in the doorway. Done! The Stopper is maintenance free, durable and long lasting too!

Think of the money you’ll save on carpet repairs and the headaches you’ll save if you are renting your home!!

The Carpet Scratch Stopper is durable and long-lasting and if that wasn’t enough there is a 5 year warranty on the stopper!! See?? It’s truly a set it and forget it!! Except maybe the loud meowing your cat may do!

The Carpet Scratch Stopper is safe for your carpet and your cat. AND it prevents that desperate measure of having to have your cat declawed.

Now, if they just had something to cover the base of the sofa and recliner I would be a truly happy girl!

Carpet scratch 4

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This was brought to you by and CarPET Scratch Stopper.



    Ha! Isn’t it true that the simpest ideas are the best? We had a Siamese (or rather, he had us) that loved to chew wool and acrylic – no sweater or cardi was safe with him around and the noise was like nails on a blackboard – I’m cringing just thinking about it!

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