LED Headlamp; Handsfree Lighting Review + Giveaway

An LED Headlamp comes in really handy in several different ways!! We each have our own headlamps for camping; that’s a MUST have. Who knew nature was so DARK!!

Next reason a headlamp is a must have, the DOG! Have ya ever noticed when the dog has to go out at night they find the only place that the street light doesn’t cover to do their business?? Or is it just my obstinate dog?!?

Another reason a headlamp is a must have? I don’t want to hold a flashlight so DH can work on the car. Nope, to me watching him work on the car is an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10 for boredom!

My new favorite reason that the LED headlamp is a must have? Jewelry. Yup, jewelry. I have a charm bracelet that my Grandmother started for me 43 years ago… wait… what?! That’s can’t be right. Hold please while I grab a calculator!! When did I get this OLD?!? ANYWAY!! I still add to my charm bracelet when we travel. Unfortunately, getting new charms on here is a TASK of it’s own!! I am GIDDY at how much easier adding charms is with the steady BRIGHT, focused light from the headlamp. BRILLIANT!!!

This LED Headlamp from Aennon is not only light-weight; weight 2.95 OUNCES!! It also has several different light modes with just one button! You can turn the lamp on with 2 LED lights, 4 LED, 8 LED – 2 Red LED – OFF.

The 2 LED is a power saver mode of 10 Lumens that shine 65 feet away. Yup, you read that right 65 FEET!!
4 LED is 20 Lumens that shine up to 98 feet and the SUPER Ultra Bright 8 LED is 30 Lumens that shine up to 164 feet. WOW!! The steady red LED is awesome because for one it doesn’t flash red, it’s also bright enough to lead the way without having to disturb others. The LED lights are good for a lifetime, seriously up to 20,000 hours!!

They headlamp is easy and comfortable to wear with an adjustable elastic headband that can easily fit around head, hat, helmet, bike or belt. The headlamp also tilts upto 90-degrees! I get light where I need it!

The Aennon LED Headlamp is shock-resistant, with a tough ultra-strong glass lens complete with AR coating. The headlamp is powered by 3 AAA Batteries that are INCLUDED!!! I love this extra touch!!


Not a single one!! This is a must have for your emergency kit, ideal for dog walking, perfect for camping and a must have for jewelry repair!! I am thrilled!!


One very lucky Peanut Butter and Whine follower will win their own Aennon Headlamp!! Good Luck!!



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