Did Someone Say Diamonds!?!?! #aurateny

AU Rate Jewelry

Okay Peanuts who’s ready to hear about MY favorite stone? Yup, we’re talkin’ diamonds!! Have you ever wondered why diamonds are such a coveted gem? I know I have. Seriously, what makes that sparkling stone make me what to drool?

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Motivation. Beautiful Motivation!! #auratenyc

AU-Rate Necklace Bezel

Ohhhhhhhhhh Oh yes! THE NON is giddy!! I have (yes! AGAIN!!) treated myself to a gorgeous piece of jewelry!! After all, us girls gotta spoil themselves! It keeps us sane! During Covid I decided that if I have to stay

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Amazing Tips How To Choose Everyday Jewellery

Photo: https://unsplash.com/photos/aEfJYCblJiI  Jewellery is an amazing outfit addition, which shouldn’t be neglected, especially if you want to look stylish. However, choosing the right type of jewellery can be a bit tricky, which is why it’s important to take your time

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Signet Rings ARE Still Cool!!

Yup, I gave myself a gift for no reason at all.  Yes, I am feeling very spoiled. I believe us women have to spoil ourselves! As women, mom’s, wives, grandma’s ahhhh let’s just say ALL women should spoil themselves occasionally!!

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