Gold Rings And Silver Bracelets Make Momma Happy!

Aurate Stackable RingsI am a jewelry hoarder. I personally have the worst case of ohhhh shiny! I love sparkle, shine, dazzle, and pretty. I love uniqueness, I appreciate fine jewelry. Yes, I need all the pretty things, especially stackable gold rings. If those gold rings accidentally have diamonds in them well then YES, PLEASE! For a lot of women that I know jewelry is programmed into our DNA. I know my family certainly passed down the love of sparkle.

Did you know that the first trace of jewelry was in Iran? (Actually, it was the Mediterranean at the time).  About 3,000 to 400 BC!?!? That’s nuts right??  

Initially, most of the jewelry was amulets and seals that had spiritual meanings. Check out The Met Museum and see their collection of amulets and jewelry. This particular one is my favorite. (I know… weird but in a fun way. Right?!) Amulet at the Met

Then Cro-Magnons wore jewelry that included crude necklaces and bracelets made of bone, teeth, and stone stitched to animal sinew.  I’m all about unique fun jewelry but I am thankful THAT fad is gone!

Bone jewelry

Jewelry designs have come a long way. I have 2 jewelry boxes packed to the rim with jewelry. Starting 4 generations back. Jewels that my Great, Great, Grandmother wore were bulky. Large colored stones. Large pieces in general. It makes you appreciate the way clothing was made too right?!? I mean what jacket would be able to hold this piece?!


My Great Grandmother had more intricate pieces. A lot more feminine in looks.

Art deco pin

Flash forward to my Mom, large bold silver pieces were her favorite. She went through a phase of everything turquoise.  Then came diamonds. My Grandma use to call her Diamond Lil. Ahhhh for you young’ens Diamond Lil Davenport, a Klondike Gold Rush madam in Skagway, Alaska was said to have a million dollar smile because her teeth were studded with diamonds.

However, when I think of Diamond Lil I think of none other than Mae West. (and my Mom!)

Then there is me. I guess I’m a mix of the matriarchs of my family. There are are days I want bling, flash and shiny. Or I want to dawn every single bracelet I own and wear every stackable ring that will fit on my finger. Sometimes no jewelry, with the exception of my wedding set which I never take off. I love that I have jewelry for all my many moods.

Thank you Responsival for allowing me the opportunity to share my love of all things shiny! Ohhh ahhh!!




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