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    Do These 5 Things Before Settling in Your New House

    Image Credit Are you one of those people who like to plan everything out in advance? If so, you’re probably eagerly counting down the days until you can finally move into your new house. But before you do, there are a few more things you’ll need to take care of. So here are five essential steps to settling in your new home. Conduct an Intense Survey of the Building Another thing you should do before finishing the finishing touches on your new house is to conduct an intense survey of the building. The most critical areas you should be looking for are: Roof leaks and damages  Humidity in the walls…

  • Moving boxes

    Getting Ready for Moving with Your Family: A Practical Guide

    Getting Ready for Moving with Your Moving to a new home is always quite an emotional and stressful affair. It doesn’t matter if you are moving to a new house, different city, or even a different state — the process is never easy and can be pretty exhausting for everyone involved. This goes double if you are moving along with your family. You need to take into account the emotional toll the move will take on your kids. Of course, there is also the matter of packing all their stuff and moving it safely. However, there are a few things you can do in order to make moving easier for…

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    Just Moved In? Cross These Jobs Off Your List

    Moving into a new home brings all kinds of excitement. Between the unpacking and making it feel like home, some things can be forgotten.  While you’ll want to focus on decorating and making home improvements, there are some things you should consider doing to help you get settled in, and avoid problems in the future. Here are some jobs to cross off your list when you first move into your new home. Make sure all your bills are taken of Getting all of your bills signed over to your name is one of the first things you need to do when you move to a new home. This helps ensure…

  • $50 Your Way Giveaway

    Hello April!! #Giveaway Win $50 Your Way! April 2021

    Hello Peanuts!! Who else is ready for spring!? I’m absolutely ready to say goodbye to the snow. Mostly I am ready to say goodbye to the season of the mud. Seriously, the road is so bad my 4 wheel drive car can’t drive through it. Now, I love my mountain life, don’t get me wrong. I may not want to go anywhere but knowing I CAN’T, that makes me nuts. (I know, spoiled!) Besides the mud we have flowers starting to pop up. My tomato, blueberries and house plants are going NUTS!! I’m so HAPPY!! My only other ‘not boring’ news was the freak wind storm we had a couple…

  • When Moving From the City to the Suburbs

    There are several things you can do to move from the city to the suburbs comfortably. Your kids need to attend the best schools. Start by scouting around to find out where the best school is in the suburbs. It is always a little difficult for kids to move, but soon they will find new friends. The pets should be prepared for the move. You will have to think about a fenced yard and what other areas might be dangerous for the pets. There are several steps you can take to enjoy the best move. Start step by step and prepare for the move. You will have to engage in…

  • Yup got ’emmmm

    Well, re-reading last nights blog it’s apparent I did NOT make sense!  MAN I was tired!!  Today???  Today I have cankels.  You know… when you have no difference in size from your calf to your feet.  So now I’m off to soak my feet cankles.  Remember… if you ever need help moving?  Do NOT CALL ME!!  I’m busy that weekend!

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